E.T. 30th Anniversary Posters Finally Replaced at E.T. Adventure in Universal Studios Florida

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E.T. 30th Anniversary Posters Finally Replaced at E.T. Adventure in Universal Studios Florida

Last year, “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial” celebrated its 40th anniversary, but E.T. Adventure in Universal Studios Florida was stuck in the past with posters for the film’s 30th anniversary still up in the queue. The posters have finally been replaced with more general “E.T.” posters, including artwork that matches the new interplanetary passport cards.

e.t. adventure posters 1342

These posters line the initial section of the queue where guests split into groups before entering the building.

e.t. adventure posters 1348

The first poster features Elliot and E.T. on the bike flying over the woods.

e.t. adventure posters 1347

The moon takes up the entire background.

e.t. adventure posters 1345

The posters feature the film’s original tagline, reading, “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial in his adventure on earth.”

e.t. adventure posters 1357

A second poster has an orange color scheme, with E.T. and his glowing finger at the center.

e.t. adventure posters 1374
e.t. adventure posters 1375

He points another finger at the sunset behind silhouettes of the film’s characters.

e.t. adventure posters 1361
e.t. adventure posters 1364
e.t. adventure posters 1366

The next poster features E.T. sitting on the ground in front of his floating spaceship.

e.t. adventure posters 1373
e.t. adventure posters 1367

And the final poster has E.T. peeking out of the bottom, with the woods and city behind him.

e.t. adventure posters 1368

A rainbow streaks across the night sky beneath the film’s title.

Watch our full E.T. Adventure POV video to see the previous posters that were in the queue:

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