PHOTOS: 2023 Easter Egg Display Features Stitch, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Merlin, and More at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Spring is fast approaching, and Disney’s Contemporary Resort is celebrating its arrival with a new Easter egg display to follow up with last year’s 50th anniversary Mary Blair-inspired showcase. Through the leadership of Chef Jeff Barnes, culinary Cast Members from the Contemporary’s bakery team have taken inspiration from various beloved Disney films and attractions.

contemporaryeastereggs2023 1

This year, we’ve been given a diverse assortment of favorite characters from “One Hundred and One Dalmatians”, “The Sword in the Stone”, and “Lilo & Stitch.” Portrayals of classic attractions are also featured, with Pirates of the Caribbean and “it’s a small world” included, as well as some entirely unique displays. We have a video walkthrough of them all available, along with the snapshots right here. Let’s get a closer look:

New Easter Egg Display at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

The artisans themselves celebrate each other and wish guests a happy holiday with this massive centerpiece.

This egg offers a bit of added layers, quite literally. Birds watching over their own nest of eggs, inside of an egg.

bunnyeasteregg 1

What would Easter be without the bunny?

bunny2easteregg 1

We aren’t entirely sure there are 101 spots on this particular egg, though we wouldn’t blame you for taking some extra time to count and admire it.


Certainly one of the most eye-catching, this egg showcases a sense of “no worries”, with Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa all marching along above their favorite grubs.

As TRON Lightcycle / Run launches toward us, this nod to the film and its highly-anticipated new coaster in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom is sure to turn heads.


This decorative tribute to Merlin and Arthur of “The Sword in the Stone” stands out, with the brickwork on the exterior of the egg opening up to a teatime scene with our characters. How they managed to create these dimensions is a most befuddling thing, indeed.

swordinthestoneeasteregg 1

Stitch is clearly enjoying Spring Break, letting loose on one of his most beloved supermarket rides. Enjoy the Florida sunshine, friend.


Speaking of sunshine, we also get to greet our favorite Orange Bird along the way.


Upon closer inspection, one may also find extra bunnies, even some hunny, as Pooh might say, strewn about. We wouldn’t recommend telling Winnie about it, though; these bees seem busy.


The culinary artisans responsible for these works of Easter egg art found spare time to represent those of us out there who pillage, plunder, rifle, and loot.


Mary Blair’s enduring legacy can be found in the smallest of items. We are never disappointed to see her influence reflected through the Happiest Cruise that Ever Sailed.


The original, luckiest rabbit around makes a grand appearance as well. Holding up a bouquet of flowers for someone special, perhaps Ortensia?


The Chef himself, Jeff Barnes, tops off this entire creative pageantry with a golden egg — chocolate cook included. These are separate from the rest of the eggs, on the ground floor off the lobby.

easter egg display
Just remember: please, do not eat anything on display — no matter how delectable it may look.

Which eggs do you enjoy the most? How many spots did you see on the Dalmatian egg? How does this installation compare to the display at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa? Let us know in the comments!

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