PHOTOS, VIDEO: Touring Minnie’s House in the Newly-Reimagined Mickey’s Toontown at Disneyland

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PHOTOS, VIDEO: Touring Minnie’s House in the Newly-Reimagined Mickey’s Toontown at Disneyland

Mickey’s Toontown has reopened at Disneyland Park, reimagined and renovated into a more dynamic, inclusive, and accessible land. Apart from the addition of new attractions and experiences, preexisting components of the space have reopened to fans eagerly waiting to return during the extended closure. While in the neighborhood, we recently had the opportunity to enter the residence of Minnie Mouse for a charming visit.

Watch a full video of Minnie’s house tour directly below, and keep scrolling for more photos from inside.

Minnie’s House Tour in Mickey’s Toontown


Under the lavender and orchid tiling, Minnie’s home offers the embrace of a zany, somewhat-lopsided bungalow.


The host has a personalized portrait on her mailbox greeting passersby from the front yard as they enter.


Even the doormat leaves no doubt about the character of this home, or which character it belongs to. Individual Minnie Mouse touches are strewn about.


A fireplace greets visitors, directly beside a caricatured vintage radio that’s probably seen its fair share of fireside chats. The radio still plays the W.A.C.K.Y. Radio Toontown loop which has been here since 1993, including references to the former Jolly Trolley.


Minnie evidently enjoys dealing with daily conversations and errands in a more classic style – a rotary phone, answering machine, pencil, and notepad are the tools of choice.


That being said, while Minnie may enjoy keeping it simple in some tasks, the massive heart-shaped vanity mirror exemplifies a more elegant approach to others.


One can imagine the peace a mouse might find laying here with a book and the soothing sound of the rain’s pitter-patter against the window.


It seems some tranquil reading has already been a practice in this household at least a few times.


As we guide ourselves into the kitchen, the vibrant floral designs and light, bright pastel colors invite closer inspection and exploration.


Everything is meticulously organized, though at the same time, a little topsy-turvy.


Just ask the dishes — they, too, are living proof that Minnie’s kitchen gets a bit eccentric from time to time.


Pots, pans, toasters, kettles, and other various appliances fill the room.


The refrigerator certainly offers a glimpse into a mouse’s culinary priorities, topped with a freezer many Southern Californians may find themselves jealous of.

IMG 4730

Looks as if this cake may have seen some better days or been forgotten about.


Nothing is as it seems, though. Suddenly, it bursts into life at the push of a button!


A decorative calendar and mindful words of wisdom at the kitchen’s exit.


Before departing, these ornate chairs on the side patio/gazebo offer an opportunity for some farewell tea and perhaps a cute photo op.


Minnie’s house tour concludes, until next time!

It seems nothing has really changed inside Minnie’s House, and that’s all for the best considering how cute of a short walkthrough experience it has been for the past 30 years.

What’s your favorite room along the way? Let us know in the comments.

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