New Universal Studios Theme Park Exclusive Plush Toys Bring ‘Jurassic World’ Dilophosaurus & Pyroraptor to Islands of Adventure

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New Universal Studios Theme Park Exclusive Plush Toys Bring ‘Jurassic World’ Dilophosaurus & Pyroraptor to Islands of Adventure

Two new Universal Studios Theme Park exclusive interactive plush toys, inspired by the Dilophosaurus and the Pyroraptor from “Jurassic World,” are now available at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

interactive dilophosaurus and pyroraptor plush 1902

We found both of them in Islands of Adventure Trading Company.

Interactive Sound Dilophosaurus Plush Toy – $55

interactive dilophosaurus plush 1799

The plush resembles a scaly green Dilophosaurus with an orange collar. These dinosaurs are perhaps most known for taking down Dennis Nedry in the first “Jurassic Park” film.

interactive dilophosaurus plush 1769

It has brown-orange ridges on its head with life-like detail. A soft, plush body and its white-felt teeth are more cuddly than threatening, though.

interactive dilophosaurus plush 1767

As an exclusive product of Universal Studios, this plush is the perfect keepsake for dino fans visiting the parks. Three Dilophosaurs can be spotted among Jurassic Park: The Ride at Universal Studios Orlando.

interactive dilophosaurus plush 1783

The Dilophosaurus roamed Earth nearly 193 million years ago, standing 23 feet tall and weighing in at about 880 lbs. The large carnivorous creature appeared throughout the entire “Jurassic Park” franchise, in which it was fictitiously dubbed venomous.

interactive dilophosaurus plush 1780

The collar flaps can move back and forth and the dinosaur’s mouth can also open for a bit of interactivity.

interactive dilophosaurus plush 1781

The Dilophosaurus has yellow beady eyes along the sides of its head. The plush body is made to resemble the scaly texture of the real creature.

interactive dilophosaurus plush 1777

It has a small, round Jurassic Park logo embroidered on its hip.

interactive dilophosaurus plush 1778
interactive dilophosaurus plush 1774

There’s a velcro wrist strap on its belly, so you could carry the Dilophosaurus on your wrist.

interactive dilophosaurus plush 1775

It includes three AAA batteries, but they aren’t installed yet.

interactive dilophosaurus plush 1776
interactive dilophosaurus plush 1770

You can touch the top of its head to activate effects.

interactive dilophosaurus plush 1771

We also found the Dilophosaurus in Dinostore and Jurassic Outfitters.

interactive dilophosaurus plush 1803

Jurassic Outfitters had a Dilophosaurus out of containment to demonstrate its abilities.

Interactive Sound Pyroraptor Plush Toy – $55

interactive pyroraptor plush 1886

The Pyroraptor plush is red, orange, and gray, with a long tail and feathery arms, matching the creature as seen in “Jurassic Park: World Dominion.”

interactive pyroraptor plush 1883

A long fluffy tail protrudes from the Pyroraptor and matching gray fanning extends down from its arms. Its core is red and orange, with plushy soft gray legs and head.

interactive pyroraptor plush 1894
interactive pyroraptor plush 1887

Triangular teeth and yellow eyes add some ferocity to the otherwise cuddly recreation of this raptor.

interactive pyroraptor plush 1888
interactive pyroraptor plush 1882

It also has a wrist strap for showing off this Universal Studios exclusive plush on-the-go.

interactive pyroraptor plush 1889

The Pyroraptor plush features interactive sounds that help to bring the creature to life.

interactive pyroraptor plush 1895
interactive pyroraptor plush 1897

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