New Power-Up and ? Block-Themed Topiaries Installed in Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood

Let’s-a-go to Super Nintendo World, where even a month after its grand opening, special touches are still being added to the land at Universal Studios Hollywood. And on our latest venture, we found some adorable new decorative topiaries themed to Power-Ups and ? Blocks!

SuperMarioTopiaries 1

Just outside 1-Up Factory is a new ? Block-themed topiary. The plant sits on a Brick Block and features a square shrub with a ? Block in plastic on two sides of the outside.

SuperMarioTopiaries 4

Meanwhile just outside of Toadstool Cafe, there are three new topiaries themed to Power-Ups. First is the Super Mushroom, which despite being famously red is in fact all shades of green here instead. The eyes are plastic. Lights have been installed in front to keep the topiary lit throughout the evenings at Super Nintendo World.

SuperMarioTopiaries 2

The Fire Flower, also with lights installed, has some light red around the edges although does not utilize any actual flowers for a brighter red look. Aside from plastic eyes, this is also almost all green except the layer of off-red plants.

SuperMarioTopiaries 3

Finally to the far right is a Super Star, most obviously balanced atop a green box. But this one is far more accurate, showing off a mostly yellow shrub with some green pops here and there. Just like the other two Power-Ups, this one has plastic eyes at its center.

All of these topiaries can now be found as you stroll around Super Nintendo World, the latest addition to Universal Studios Hollywood. If you’re planning on shopping at 1-Up Factory, you can take a look at our full merchandise tour. Or if these Power-Ups make you feel a bit peckish instead, you can check out our full review of Toadstool Cafe, the land’s eatery.

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What do you think of these new topiaries? Let us know in the comments below!

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