PHOTOS: All Global Gardens at EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival 2023

The EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival 2023 has begun, with several Global Gardens throughout the park. New gardens this year include the “Shishi-odoshi” garden in the Japan Pavilion and The Community Garden in World Celebration, featuring topiaries of Daisy and Donald.

Bamboo Garden – China Pavilion
Visit this garden to see bamboo in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes.

2023 china bamboo garden 6844

This garden is along the water to the side of the China Pavilion.

2023 china bamboo garden 6846

“Did you know bamboo are members of the grass family?” the sign reads. “In fact, they’re the largest of all grasses.”

“Bamboo can be found in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes. And in Chinese culture, a gift of bamboo is thought to bring luck to those who receive it.”

2023 china bamboo garden 6837
2023 china bamboo garden 6838
2023 china bamboo garden 6839
2023 china bamboo garden 6840
2023 china bamboo garden 6841
2023 china bamboo garden 6842
2023 china bamboo garden 6843
2023 china bamboo garden 6847

Blossoms of Fragrance Presented by Scentsy – World Showcase Bridge
Follow your nose and form lasting memories with the help of fresh, unforgettable fragrances.

2023 blossoms of fragrance scentsy 0212

Blossoms of Fragrance is on the bridge leading from World Celebration to World Showcase, across the water from the Imagination! Pavilion.

2023 blossoms of fragrance scentsy 0213
2023 blossoms of fragrance scentsy 0214

“Of all five senses, scent is most strongly connected to memory,” this sign explains. “A note of lilac, a hint of citrus—any one fragrance has the power to evoke vivid recollections with staggering clarity.”

2023 blossoms of fragrance scentsy 0215

“Follow your nose through this scented garden and cherish lasting memories with the help of fresh, unforgettable fragrances and their many botanical varieties.”

2023 blossoms of fragrance scentsy 0217

Large butterfly topiaries are throughout this garden.

2023 blossoms of fragrance scentsy 0216

Some of the scenes in the garden include French lavender, mint fields, and sunkissed citrus.

2023 blossoms of fragrance scentsy 0220
2023 blossoms of fragrance scentsy 0218
2023 blossoms of fragrance scentsy 0219
2023 blossoms of fragrance scentsy 0221
2023 blossoms of fragrance scentsy 0223
2023 blossoms of fragrance scentsy 0222
2023 blossoms of fragrance scentsy 0224
2023 blossoms of fragrance scentsy 0225
2023 blossoms of fragrance scentsy 0226
2023 blossoms of fragrance scentsy 0228
2023 blossoms of fragrance scentsy 0227
2023 blossoms of fragrance scentsy 0229
2023 blossoms of fragrance scentsy 0230
2023 blossoms of fragrance scentsy 0231
2023 blossoms of fragrance scentsy 0232
2023 blossoms of fragrance scentsy 0233
2023 blossoms of fragrance scentsy 0234
2023 blossoms of fragrance scentsy 0235
2023 blossoms of fragrance scentsy 0236
2023 blossoms of fragrance scentsy 0238

Bold Bromeliads – The Land Pavilion
Observe a variety of unique and colorful plants that can adapt to a wide range of climates and conditions.

2023 Bold Bromeliads garden 0132

Bold Bromeliads is near the entrance to The Land Pavilion. “Bromeliads can be found in an astounding variety of locations from dry, rock hillsides to tall trees in the rainforest. The members of this flowering plant family vary widely too, from pineapples to Spanish moss.”

2023 Bold Bromeliads garden 0130

This garden fills the planters leading up The Land Pavilion’s ramp.

2023 Bold Bromeliads garden 0131
2023 Bold Bromeliads garden 0133

A tall bromeliad towers over the pathway.

2023 Bold Bromeliads garden 0134
2023 Bold Bromeliads garden 0135
2023 Bold Bromeliads garden 0136

Bonsai Collection – Japan Pavilion
Learn about the art of bonsai, some of the finest living sculptures. Bonsai masters carefully shape and tend these miniature works of art, creating peace and balance with the earth.

2023 japan bonsai garden 6908

“In the ancient Japanese art of bonsai, trees and shrubs are cultivated with exquisite care to create miniature likenesses of much larger trees.”

“Since the sixth century, varieties of bonsai forms have reflected living concepts of balance, simplicity, and harmony while representing the phases of a journey through time.”

2023 japan bonsai garden 6909

The bonsai are throughout the Japan Pavilion. Several are at the edge of the World Showcase Lagoon.

2023 japan bonsai garden 6910

The bonsai trees are on raised platforms.

2023 japan bonsai garden 6911
2023 japan bonsai garden 6912
2023 japan bonsai garden 6913

More bonsai are in the sand zen garden.

2023 japan bonsai garden 6914
2023 japan bonsai garden 6915
2023 japan bonsai garden 6916
2023 japan bonsai garden 6917
2023 japan bonsai garden 6918

Others line the pathway leading up to Katsura Grill.

2023 japan bonsai garden 6919
2023 japan bonsai garden 6920
2023 japan bonsai garden 6921
2023 japan bonsai garden 6922
2023 japan bonsai garden 6923
2023 japan bonsai garden 6924
2023 japan bonsai garden 6925
2023 japan bonsai garden 6926

Bouquet Garden – France Pavilion
See bountiful blooms perfect for a bouquet of cut flowers.

2023 france bouquet garden 6967

“To grow flowers for decorative arrangements, gardeners seed plants with long stems in rows. This careful cultivation provides easy paths for harvesting, and ensures that taller plants don’t block smaller plants from the sun.”

2023 france bouquet garden 6968

These rows of flowers are in the long planter outside the entrance to the “Ratatouille” section.

2023 france bouquet garden 6969
2023 france bouquet garden 6970
2023 france bouquet garden 6971
2023 france bouquet garden 6972
2023 france bouquet garden 6973
2023 france bouquet garden 6974
2023 france bouquet garden 6975
2023 france bouquet garden 6976
2023 france bouquet garden 6977
2023 france bouquet garden 6978

Butterfly Landing Presented by AdventHealth – World Nature Near Imagination!
View a kaleidoscope of butterflies up close, in all their extraordinary color. Learn about butterfly lifecycles and maybe even see one emerge from its chrysalis. Closes at dusk.

2023 epcot butterfly landing 0137

“The great outdoors can provide healing as well as fun and recreation. Discover how to reap the benefits of fresh air and sunshine and make the most of your time outside.”

2023 epcot butterfly landing 0138

More butterfly topiaries are at the entrance and exit of the butterfly house.

2023 epcot butterfly landing 0139
2023 epcot butterfly landing 0140
2023 epcot butterfly landing 0143

Inside are plants perfect for butterflies, which can be seen flying around.

2023 epcot butterfly landing 0144
2023 epcot butterfly landing 0145
2023 epcot butterfly landing 0146
2023 epcot butterfly landing 0147
2023 epcot butterfly landing 0148
2023 epcot butterfly landing 0149
2023 epcot butterfly landing 0150
2023 epcot butterfly landing 0151
2023 epcot butterfly landing 0152
2023 epcot butterfly landing 0153
2023 epcot butterfly landing 0154
2023 epcot butterfly landing 0155
2023 epcot butterfly landing 0156
2023 epcot butterfly landing 0157
2023 epcot butterfly landing 0158
2023 epcot butterfly landing 0159
2023 epcot butterfly landing 0160
2023 epcot butterfly landing 0161
2023 epcot butterfly landing 0162
2023 epcot butterfly landing 0163
2023 epcot butterfly landing 0164
2023 epcot butterfly landing 0165
2023 epcot butterfly landing 0166
2023 epcot butterfly landing 0167
2023 epcot butterfly landing 0169
2023 epcot butterfly landing 0170
2023 epcot butterfly landing 0171
2023 epcot butterfly landing 0172
2023 epcot butterfly landing 0173
2023 epcot butterfly landing 0175
2023 epcot butterfly landing 0176
2023 epcot butterfly landing 6619

China Zodiac Garden – China Pavilion
Realize your finer attributes in this garden inspired by the 12 creatures of the Chinese zodiac.

2023 china zodiac garden 6822

The Chinese Zodiac garden is in front of the “Reflections of China” theater. The sign has recounts the story of the zodiac.

2023 china zodiac garden 6823

Figures of the animals of the zodiac are created from natural items like seeds and leaves.

2023 china zodiac garden 6824

Signs on the podiums list some of the recent years and features of that zodiac.

2023 china zodiac garden 6825
2023 china zodiac garden 6826
2023 china zodiac garden 6827
2023 china zodiac garden 6828

The rabbit is front and center as we are currently in the year of the rabbit.

2023 china zodiac garden 6829
2023 china zodiac garden 6830
2023 china zodiac garden 6831
2023 china zodiac garden 6832
2023 china zodiac garden 6833
2023 china zodiac garden 6834
2023 china zodiac garden 6835

The Community Garden – World Celebration – NEW!
Connect with the earth and each other at this celebration of a diverse and thriving communal garden plot.

2023 community garden 6764

The Community Garden is outside the Connections Eatery entrance facing World Discovery.

2023 community garden 6765

“A community garden can exist in any place where people come together to cultivate the land. Perfect for growing a wide range of plants, these ingenious gardens can be found in areas as different as a blacktop parking lot or an open field. And while their size and shape may vary, all community gardens have one thing in common. They provide people with a sense of connection — to the earth and to each other.”

2023 community garden 6767
2023 community garden 6766
2023 community garden 6768
2023 community garden 6769
2023 community garden 6770
2023 community garden 6772
2023 community garden 6773
2023 community garden 6774
2023 community garden 6775
2023 community garden 6776
2023 community garden 6777
2023 community garden 6778
2023 community garden 6780
2023 community garden 6781
2023 community garden 6782
2023 community garden 6783
2023 community garden 6784
2023 community garden 6785
2023 community garden 6786
2023 community garden 6787
2023 community garden 6788
2023 community garden 6790
2023 community garden 6789

Connections Conservatory Garden – Connections Eatery
Settle into this thoughtful garden full of floral inspirations for your indoor spaces.

2023 connections eatery garden 0187

The Connections Conservatory Garden is inside Connections Eatery, in the planters next to the stairs. There is no sign for this garden.

2023 connections eatery garden 0177

It’s full of colorful flowers.

2023 connections eatery garden 0178
2023 connections eatery garden 0179
2023 connections eatery garden 0180
2023 connections eatery garden 0181
2023 connections eatery garden 0182
2023 connections eatery garden 0183
2023 connections eatery garden 0184
2023 connections eatery garden 0186
2023 connections eatery garden 0192
2023 connections eatery garden 0191
2023 connections eatery garden 0190

Desert Garden – Mexico Pavilion
Discover the special adaptations that allow plants in arid climates to adjust to the harshest of growing conditions.

2023 mexico desert garden 6800

At the Mexico Pavilion, the Desert Garden is behind a fence along the side of La Hacienda de San Angel.

2023 mexico desert garden 6801

“Dust-blown desert plateaus and rocky, dried creek beds may be inhospitable to many forms of plant life, but not succulents and cacti. These hearty desert-dwellers adapt to their arid environments by storing water in their leaves, stems, and roots. Succulents make for beautiful, low-maintenance indoor greenery, or you can create your own garden of these resilient plants in a dry and sunny space.”

2023 mexico desert garden 6802

Succulents are displayed together in large blue pots.

2023 mexico desert garden 6803
2023 mexico desert garden 6804

English Tea Garden Presented by Twinings® – United Kingdom Pavilion
Unearth the history and art of tea-blending at this elegant English tea garden––featuring plants used in some of Twinings’ finest blends.

2023 english tea garden 6982
2023 english tea garden 6980

The English Tea Garden features tea plants displayed inside large tea cups.

2023 english tea garden 6981

This garden is near The Tea Caddy.

2023 english tea garden 6983
2023 english tea garden 6984
2023 english tea garden 6985
2023 english tea garden 6986
2023 english tea garden 6987
2023 english tea garden 6988
2023 english tea garden 6989
2023 english tea garden 6992
2023 english tea garden 6995
2023 english tea garden 6993
2023 english tea garden 6994

Alice meets guests within this garden.

Family-Friendly Garden Presented by OFF!
Explore a camp-themed garden where little ones are invited to jump, play and climb.

2023 epcot family friendly garden 9888

This space behind Creations Shop, in World Discovery, is both a garden and a playground.

2023 epcot family friendly garden 9892

Kids can play while adults enjoy the plants around the edge of the playground.

2023 epcot family friendly garden 9893

This playground is often rethemed for different festivals.

2023 epcot family friendly garden 9896
2023 epcot family friendly garden 9897
2023 epcot family friendly garden 9899
2023 epcot family friendly garden 9900
2023 epcot family friendly garden 9904
2023 epcot family friendly garden 9905

A section of grass has been turned into a checkered picnic “blanket,” with two covered tables to the sides.

2023 epcot family friendly garden 9911
2023 Family Friendly Garden by OFF 0275
2023 Family Friendly Garden by OFF 0276
2023 Family Friendly Garden by OFF 0277
2023 Family Friendly Garden by OFF 0278
2023 Family Friendly Garden by OFF 0279
2023 Family Friendly Garden by OFF 0280
2023 Family Friendly Garden by OFF 0281
2023 Family Friendly Garden by OFF 0282
2023 Family Friendly Garden by OFF 0283
2023 Family Friendly Garden by OFF 0284
2023 Family Friendly Garden by OFF 0285
2023 Family Friendly Garden by OFF 0286
2023 Family Friendly Garden by OFF 0289

Festival Blooms – World Celebration
Admire thousands of flowers that form colorful, living panoramas.

2023 epcot festival blooms 0240

“Festival Blooms” refers to the flowers arranged on the edge of the water in large blocks of color.

2023 epcot festival blooms 0242

Mickey heads, Minnie heads, and giant flower shapes are in the festival blooms.

2023 epcot festival blooms 0247
2023 epcot festival blooms 0248
2023 epcot festival blooms 0252
2023 epcot festival blooms 0271
2023 epcot festival blooms 0273
2023 epcot festival blooms 0274

Floating Gardens – World Nature
Peer upon more than 150 petite plots drifting on the ponds that border the bridge to World Showcase.

2023 epcot floating gardens 6290

The floating gardens are in the bodies of water throughout EPCOT.

2023 epcot floating gardens 6292

Floating pots house different kinds of plants. Around the World Showcase bridge are mostly leafy green plants.

2023 epcot floating gardens 6293
2023 epcot floating gardens 6294
2023 epcot floating gardens 6298
2023 epcot floating gardens 6301
2023 epcot floating gardens 6303
2023 epcot floating gardens 6602

Over by the Imagination! Pavilion are floating plots of pink flowers.

2023 epcot floating gardens 6599
2023 epcot floating gardens 6601
2023 epcot floating gardens 6611
2023 epcot floating gardens 2915

Other ponds in World Nature also have floating gardens.

2023 epcot floating gardens 6617
2023 epcot floating gardens 2917

This one is accompanied by a fountain in the water.

2023 epcot floating gardens 6628
2023 epcot floating gardens 6630

Garden Italiano – Italy Pavilion
From fresh spaghetti sauce to pizza toppings, this Tuscan kitchen garden features all the produce and herbs needed to create a classic Italian feast.

2023 italy garden italiano 6879

“From fresh spaghetti sauce to favorite pizza toppings, this Tuscan kitchen garden features all the produce and herbs needed to create a classic Italian feast. And with the right planters, anyone can arrange a garden just like it. Terra cotta pots, like those showcased here, can enhance backyards, or cozy patios and balconies.”

2023 italy garden italiano 6899
2023 italy garden italiano 6880
2023 italy garden italiano 6881

The terra cotta planters house edible plants like parsley, cabbage, garlic, and tomato.

2023 italy garden italiano 6882
2023 italy garden italiano 6883
2023 italy garden italiano 6884
2023 italy garden italiano 6885
2023 italy garden italiano 6886
2023 italy garden italiano 6887
2023 italy garden italiano 6888
2023 italy garden italiano 6890
2023 italy garden italiano 6891
2023 italy garden italiano 6892
2023 italy garden italiano 6893
2023 italy garden italiano 6894
2023 italy garden italiano 6895
2023 italy garden italiano 6896
2023 italy garden italiano 6897

The Honey Bee-stro Hosted by National Honey Board® – Rosewalk Near Imagination!
Learn about honeybees’ critical role in the environment, and delight in sweet and savory treats made possible by their hard work.

2023 epcot honey bee stro 0264

This garden on the walkway near the Imagination! Pavilion is dedicated to the bees!

2023 epcot honey bee stro 0265

“Follow the honey bee on a journey of discovery – from how they make one of nature’s sweetest creations, to their important role in our ecosystem, to ways we can help them thrive!”

2023 epcot honey bee stro 0266
2023 epcot honey bee stro 0267
2023 epcot honey bee stro 0268

Bee hive boxes are on display in the garden.

2023 epcot honey bee stro 0269
2023 epcot honey bee stro 0263
2023 epcot honey bee stro 0256

“You better Bee-live it!” This board contains fun facts about honey bees.

2023 epcot honey bee stro 0257

Another sign has information about a few different types of honey and pictures of the dishes they’re used on at the EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival.

2023 epcot honey bee stro 0253

The plants in this garden are ideal for bees.

2023 epcot honey bee stro 0254
2023 epcot honey bee stro 0255
2023 epcot honey bee stro 0258

Spike the Bee is hidden in more than just the Honey Bee-stro garden — he’s all over the festival as part of Spike’s Pollen-Nation Exploration.

2023 epcot honey bee stro 0260
2023 epcot honey bee stro 0261
2023 epcot honey bee stro 0262

Read our review of the adjacent Honey Bee-stro outdoor kitchen.

Kokedema Garden – Japan Pavilion
Admire fresh expressions of an ancient Japanese art at this tranquil garden.

2023 japan kokedema garden 6927

“Like bonsai, kokedama are a Japanese art form made from the earth. Unlike their potted counterparts, these ornamental plants are relatively easy to craft. With the right plant, some string, and moss, any gardener can make kokedama, however green their thumb.”

2023 japan kokedema garden 6928

Small kokedama displays, some on stone bases or in shallow dishes, are in this garden.

2023 japan kokedema garden 6929

We also spotted a hidden Mickey and Minnie.

2023 japan kokedema garden 6934
2023 japan kokedema garden 6931

“Kokedama” means “moss ball,” and you may notice that these plants all look like they’re growing from balls of moss.

2023 japan kokedema garden 6932
2023 japan kokedema garden 6933

Miniature Garden – Germany Pavilion
Appreciate the little things in this showcase of diminutive dwellings nestled in a forest of fine shrubs.

2023 germany miniature garden 6864

“The petite plants in these containers form vignettes inspired by the nearby Garden Railway. Look closely, and you will see diminutive cottages built from bits of nature by fantastical woodland creatures.”

“Inspired by European folklore as far back as the 1600s, these mythical creatures, called gnomes, are said to live in the ground and protect crops, flowers, and treasure.”

“With luck, you might catch a glimpse [of] a magical gnome or two who inhabit these tiny dwellings!”

2023 germany miniature garden 6865

As the sign says, this garden is just a few steps from the miniature train at the side of the Germany Pavilion.

2023 germany miniature garden 6866

Tiny moss-covered houses are atop twisting white branches.

2023 germany miniature garden 6867
2023 germany miniature garden 6868
2023 germany miniature garden 6869

More little cottages are hidden among the plants on the ground, next to a rock river and mushrooms.

2023 germany miniature garden 6870
2023 germany miniature garden 6871
2023 germany miniature garden 6872
2023 germany miniature garden 6873

Prehistoric Garden – World Discovery Near Mission: SPACE
Imagine life on Earth 65 million years ago with astounding plant life that’s thrived since the age of the dinosaurs.

2023 epcot prehistoric garden 0210

“Millions of years ago, dinosaurs roamed vast coniferous forests filled with ancient trees, colossal cycads, ferns, and mosses. Over millennia of geological transformation, these prehistoric plants became the coal and oil we use as fuel today.”

2023 epcot prehistoric garden 0193

The prehistoric garden throws things back to the ancient time of dinosaurs, with dinosaur figures and rocks decorated to resemble fossils.

2023 epcot prehistoric garden 0194
2023 epcot prehistoric garden 0196
2023 epcot prehistoric garden 0197
2023 epcot prehistoric garden 0198
2023 epcot prehistoric garden 0199
2023 epcot prehistoric garden 0200
2023 epcot prehistoric garden 0201
2023 epcot prehistoric garden 0202
2023 epcot prehistoric garden 0203
2023 epcot prehistoric garden 0204
2023 epcot prehistoric garden 0205
2023 epcot prehistoric garden 0206
2023 epcot prehistoric garden 0207
2023 epcot prehistoric garden 0208
2023 epcot prehistoric garden 0209

Shakespeare Garden – United Kingdom Pavilion
Explore the works of Shakespeare in this idyllic garden featuring excerpts from some of the bard’s most famous sonnets—and the dazzling flowers that influenced them.

2023 uk shakespeare garden 7015

The Shakespeare garden is outside the restrooms of the U.K. Pavilion.

2023 uk shakespeare garden 7016

“William Shakespeare often used flowers and exotic gardens to help set the scenes for his plays. And just as often, the Bard used plants as symbols and metaphors. Take a look through this literary garden and rediscover plants with a poetic past.”

2023 uk shakespeare garden 7031 1

The garden includes plants referenced in Shakespeare’s works.

2023 uk shakespeare garden 7019

Small signs include the quotes that reference the plants, like this “Romeo and Juliet” amongst next to the roses: “What’s in a name?” That which we call a rose / By any other name would smell as sweet.”

2023 uk shakespeare garden 7021
2023 uk shakespeare garden 7023
2023 uk shakespeare garden 7022
2023 uk shakespeare garden 7024
2023 uk shakespeare garden 7025
2023 uk shakespeare garden 7026
2023 uk shakespeare garden 7027
2023 uk shakespeare garden 7028

Shishi-odoshi – Japan Pavilion – NEW!
Contemplate the methodical movement and soothing rhythm of this traditional Japanese bamboo water fountain.

2023 japan Shishi odoshi garden 6463

The unique-looking fountains in this garden are perfect for scaring off animals that may eat your favorite plants.

2023 japan Shishi odoshi garden 6938

“Shishi-odoshi translates to ‘scare deer.’ These traditional Japanese water fountains, also known as Sōzu, were originally crafted to ward off any hungry creatures tempted to grace in an enticing garden.”

“As a slow trickle of water fills the segmented bamboo tube, the device tips, creating the distinct sound of rushing water. The empty tube then plops back down on its resting stone with a critter-startling thunk.”

“In modern gardens, these kinetic contraptions are enjoyed for their mesmerizing motion and methodical, meditative rhythm.”

2023 japan Shishi odoshi garden 6939
2023 japan Shishi odoshi garden 6471
2023 japan Shishi odoshi garden 6940
2023 japan Shishi odoshi garden 6941

Spice Garden – Morocco Pavilion
Discover how Eastern cultures flourished, trading signature spices and herb blends once considered more valuable than gold.

2023 morocco spice garden 6948

“In many cultures, spices were once considered more valuable than gold. Even today, many communities are defined by their signature spices and herb blends, created from plant leaves, stems, roots, seeds, and flowers.”

2023 morocco spice garden 6961
2023 morocco spice garden 6942

This garden is marked by decorative towers of spice orbs.

2023 morocco spice garden 6943
2023 morocco spice garden 6944
2023 morocco spice garden 6945
2023 morocco spice garden 6946
2023 morocco spice garden 6947
2023 morocco spice garden 6949
2023 morocco spice garden 6950
2023 morocco spice garden 6957
2023 morocco spice garden 6958
2023 morocco spice garden 6959
2023 morocco spice garden 6960

Songbird Meadow Presented by Wild Birds Unlimited® – World Discovery
Songbirds are an important part of many ecosystems—including the one in your own backyard! Discover simple steps you can take at home to help these feathered friends thrive.

2023 songbird meadow garden 6830

Welcome to Songbird Meadow, a spot for birds to dine and relax.

2023 songbird meadow garden 6831
2023 songbird meadow garden 6828

“Throughout history, songbirds have captivated humankind with their enchanting melodies and dazzling displays of color. But in recent years, the populations of these amazing animals have been on the decline. Thankfully, people from all over the world have been taking small actions to help our feathered friends — and these small actions have made a big difference. Explore the garden to learn how you can help save the songbirds and ensure their survival for generations to come.”

2023 songbird meadow garden 6817
2023 songbird meadow garden 6818
2023 songbird meadow garden 6819
2023 songbird meadow garden 6820
2023 songbird meadow garden 6821
2023 songbird meadow garden 6824
2023 songbird meadow garden 6825
2023 songbird meadow garden 6826
2023 songbird meadow garden 6827
2023 songbird meadow garden 6829
2023 songbird meadow garden 6832
2023 songbird meadow garden 6833
2023 songbird meadow garden 6834
2023 songbird meadow garden 6835

Topiary Heritage Garden – United Kingdom Pavilion
Marvel at the varied techniques employed by the Walt Disney World Horticulture team to create the festival’s topiaries.

2023 topiary heritage garden 6578

The Topiary Heritage Garden is at the back of the U.K. Pavilion.

2023 topiary heritage garden 6996

“Topiary gardening is the art of guiding living plants into ornate, and sometimes even fantastical, shapes.”

“Found throughout the EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival, topiaries are an important part of the legacy of Disney Horticulture and have been showcased in Disney Parks since the opening of Disneyland.”

“As you explore this garden, you’ll find examples of three styles of topiary: free-form, standard, and shrub.”

2023 topiary heritage garden 6998

The topiaries on display include a Mickey Mouse and an elephant.

2023 topiary heritage garden 6567
2023 topiary heritage garden 6566
2023 topiary heritage garden 7001
2023 topiary heritage garden 6999
2023 topiary heritage garden 6573
2023 topiary heritage garden 6571
2023 topiary heritage garden 7002

There are quotes from landscape architect Bill Evans who created the first Disneyland topiaries.

2023 topiary heritage garden 7004
2023 topiary heritage garden 7003

Tropical Rainforest Garden – Mexico Pavilion
Uncover the rich biodiversity of the Mexican rainforest and learn about its highly adaptive species.

2023 mexico rainforest garden 6807

Explore the rainforests with this garden on the ramp next to the Mexico Pavilion.

2023 mexico rainforest garden 6805

“Hot and humid climates can create highly adaptive plant species.”

“In rainforests, trees search for sunlight, shading the dark forest floor below. Meanwhile, extraordinary orchids extend their roots to absorb water while attracting pollinators with their intricate petals.”

2023 mexico rainforest garden 6806
2023 mexico rainforest garden 6808
2023 mexico rainforest garden 6810
2023 mexico rainforest garden 6811
2023 mexico rainforest garden 6815
2023 mexico rainforest garden 6818
2023 mexico rainforest garden 6819

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