PHOTOS: CenTOONial Park Fountain Opens to Guests in Mickey’s Toontown at Disneyland

Spencer Lloyd

Mickey's Toontown

PHOTOS: CenTOONial Park Fountain Opens to Guests in Mickey’s Toontown at Disneyland

There’s lots to see during the newly-reimagined Mickey’s Toontown soft opening today at Disneyland! While chowing down with our treats from Good Boy Grocers, we noticed the much-hyped CenTOONial Park Fountain had been revealed to guests at last.


The new fountain has multiple layers so both kids and adults can marvel in its wonder.


The center portion has most of the decorations, with lotus flowers, seashells, tadpoles, and a giant flower in the center.


Some reeds also stick up.


The most iconic part is of course Mickey holding up Minnie like she’s flying at the center top, in their 1930s cartoon style. Her watering can is dripping water down into the fountain. It was only a couple weeks ago we saw this feature being installed!


Shells in orange, pink, and yellow are open at various angles, each with pearls inside spraying water.


Lotus flowers in red and purple also dot the fountain.


Water from the center section spills into the lower sections, home of the water tables for kids to play, which have their own radial emitters. We also see yellow and purple lotus flowers here.


The radials on the water tables are in the shape of a Mickey Mouse silhouette.


A plaque sits in the ground reading “To M.M., My sweetie, who always sweeps me off my feet! With love, M.M.”

Based on the lack of a bow in the Mickey silhouette by his signature, it seems like the fountain is a gift from Mickey in honor of Minnie!

CenTOONial Park features these two water tables and a Dreaming Tree that young ones can use for play. The Disneyland website also notes “as day turns to night, watch as the fountain springs to life in a unique spectacle,” so be sure to drop in on CenTOONial Park after dark as well. Are you excited to see Mickey’s Toontown finally open to the public? Let us know in the comments below!

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