REVIEW: Garden Graze Returns with Special Dole Whip Prize for the 2023 EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival

Garden Graze has returned for the 2023 EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival! This allows guests to purchase specific menu items at select Outdoor Kitchens and in return, you’ll win a yummy prize.

GardenGrazePrize Menu FlowerandGarden 2023 3

A list of the items that are part of the Garden Graze can be found in a festival passport as well as on signs in World Showcase.

Cast Members will stamp your passport when you purchase the corresponding treat. Though, as we learned, you can swap out items from the same Outdoor Kitchen, as long as you purchase an item at each of the five.

Here are the featured foods on the Garden Graze:

  • Avocado Toast with marinated toybox tomatoes on toasted ciabatta – located at BRUNCHCHOT
  • Grilled Street Corn on the Cob with savory garlic spread and spicy corn chips – located at Florida Fresh
  • Grilled Street Corn on the Cob with savory garlic spread and plant-based cotija cheese – located at Florida Fresh
  • Pineapple Skewer with Tajin seasoning – located at the Refreshment Outpost
  • Potato Pancakes with house-made apple sauce – located at Bauernmarkt: Farmer’s Market
  • Hummus Trio: Traditional hummus, red beet and black garlic hummus, and avocado-herb hummus with Moroccan bread and crispy papadam – located at Tangierine Café: Flavors of the Medina
  • Coconut Tres Leches: Vanilla cake soaked in oat milk, almond milk, and coconut milk with toasted coconut – located at La Isla Fresca
  • Boneless IMPOSSIBLE Korean Short Rib with cilantro-lime rice, Danmuji slaw, and kimchee mayonnaise – located at Trowel & Trellis Hosted by IMPOSSIBLE
  • IMPOSSIBLE Lumpia with Thai sweet chili sauce – located at Trowel & Trellis Hosted by IMPOSSIBLE
  • Chocolate Cake with black currant ganache, mixed berry compote, and chocolate ice cream – located at Trowel & Trellis Hosted by IMPOSSIBLE
  • Cookies ‘n “Cream” Chocolate Mousse Cup – located at The Land Cart hosted by AdventHealth

For our Garden Graze, we selected items that were new to the festival this year.

Grilled Street Corn on the Cob with Savory Garlic Spread and Spicy Corn Chips – $5.75

grilled street corn on the cob spicy corn chips 1

The corn isn’t as juicy as just a really good piece of corn.

grilled street corn on the cob spicy corn chips 2

The spicy chips taste like spicy crushed-up Doritos. Weirdly, the chips give off both heat and a salt and vinegar flavor.

grilled street corn on the cob spicy corn chips 3

There’s also a Tabasco-like taste because of the vinegar undertone, as well as a touch of garlic. The spice is honestly overwhelming. It’s too much of one thing overpowering something else.

To sum it up, it’s like spicy Doritos crunched up on corn. It’s not bad, but we don’t think we’d get it again.

Hummus Trio: Traditional Hummus, Red-Beet-and-Black-Garlic Hummus, and Avocado-Herb Hummus, served with Moroccan Bread and Crispy Papadam – $5.25

TangierineCafeFlavorsoftheMedina HummusTrio FlowerandGarden 2023 1

The traditional hummus tastes like normal hummus. It’s fresh and tastes better than the kind you’d get at the grocery store. The beet hummus has a sweeter taste to it. It usually has a tang,  but it’s nice that it’s sweet and interesting. The avocado herb hummus tastes like bad guacamole. It has a lot of lemon in it and tons of lemon seed.

TangierineCafeFlavorsoftheMedina HummusTrio FlowerandGarden 2023 2

If you’re plant-based, this could be a good option. The best hummus is the red beet and black garlic hummus. The bread and the chips are a good accompaniment to the dips. The bread is doughy and fresh, while the chips are perfectly thin, which is great because the hummus is thick.

Impossible Lumpia with Thai Sweet Chili Sauce – $5.50

TrowelandTrellis Lumpia FlowerandGarden 2023 2

For being plant-based, this dish isn’t bad! The meat substitute used is pretty comparable to the real deal. The one complaint that we had was the exterior of the pastry is a bit tough. Aside from that, the Thai chili sauce adds a pleasant sweetness to the entire dish. For just $5.50, this is a pretty good deal as for each order you receive five rolls.

Chocolate Cake with Blackcurrant Ganache, Mixed Berry Compote and Chocolate Ice Cream – $5.00

TrowelandTrellis Cake FlowerandGarden 2023 2

We have to admit, this dessert may not be for us. Between the color of the cake being reminiscent of sod, and the texture being grainy like eating dirt, it’s safe to say, we aren’t fans of this.

TrowelandTrellis Cake FlowerandGarden 2023 1

However, if you’re someone on a plant-based diet, this may be perfect for you. We did find that the berry compote helped out the cake, and the ice cream was actually really good, to the point we couldn’t tell that it was plant-based.

Cookies ‘n “Cream” Chocolate Mousse Cup – $5.50

the land cart chocolate mousse 2924

This just tastes like a regular chocolate mousse. It’s good but not exceptional.

the land cart chocolate mousse 2921

It’s light and fluffy.

the land cart chocolate mousse 2923

The flower on top is crispy and from Living with the Land — so if you want to eat an attraction, get this.

Reward: Mango-Lime Dole Whip in a Collector Cup

GardenGrazePrize Featured FlowerandGarden 2023 2

Doing the Garden Graze is always fun, but we wish we could order this Dole Whip just by itself!

GardenGrazePrize DoleWhip FlowerandGarden 2023 1

This is an extremely refreshing dessert and a great serving size. As the name suggests, the flavor is Mango Lime, however, we really only get the lime flavor. It can be a bit tart, so if that isn’t for you, we may recommend purchasing the tangerine Dole Whip available at the Refreshment Outpost.

The 202 EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival is running from March 1 to July 5, 2023.

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