You Can Save Thousands Renting DVC Points If You Avoid This Mistake

Alessa Dufresne

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You Can Save Thousands Renting DVC Points If You Avoid This Mistake

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Have you ever considered either purchasing a Disney Vacation Club contract or purchasing rented points, but then as you began to look into the details, how it works, and attempting to understand the booking window and how if you miss it you can miss your preferred dates and resort, you decide to simply just book a normal room through the Disney World website and call it a day? Although the setup of DVC can take a moment to understand, the reward that you will get once you do understand it is worth the learning (especially when you are saving thousands of dollars). Plus, we have the ultimate way to make the processes as simple as possible.

First off, let’s discuss renting DVC points. For some, buying a DVC contract might seem daunting. Of course, all of us want to be able to visit Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom each year, but the cost of individual room rates through Disney is only becoming more and more expensive, and not everyone is ready to purchase a Disney Vacation Club contract at this moment in time as it is a big and costly commitment. So what’s the solution?

Renting DVC points from DVC Rental Store can save you up to 75% on your Deluxe Disney resort room, and it is so incredibly simple. DVC Rental Store allows you to browse their inventory (which is bursting with options at the moment) without placing any down payment, which is unique to them as other companies will ask for payment to check. You can see what is available, and what it will cost, and even compare it to what that room would cost if you booked through Disney, and then you can have a happy dance knowing you are saving huge amounts of money and can now afford all those extra magical experiences like Cinderella’s Royal Table dinner, a Be Our Guest breakfast, and a quick visit to Bippity Boppity Boutique!

Disney vacation club

DVC Rental Store also offers the lowest price guaranteed when it comes to renting points, so you can rest assured knowing that no matter what low price you see online, they will make sure their cost is less. Perhaps one of the best things that come with renting points from DVC Rental Store is having the option to work with a staff that will help you understand all of the intricacies so that you don’t run into any of those unexpected surprises that newcomers to DVC may fall into.

If you know a little bit about DVC, you may have heard about the 11-month window. This is when most users will book their stays, 11 months out prior to their visit. This ensures that the largest inventory of options is available to them, the longer you wait, the more that others will snatch up your potential dates. At times, this may not matter to you if you are flexible with dates and your Disney resort, but for many, planning a Disney vacation and getting the dates and hotel you want is crucial.

Although DVC Rental Store has points available to be rented for any Disney resort, even up until the last second (availability pending), the 11-month window currently matters now, more than ever! The pandemic caused an increased excess of points, and that means more people looking to book at the same time as you! Although the increased point inventory is great and allows for major savings, it is important to know what days you are looking for, and book them as far out as possible! On top of that, if you are looking to book during a popular time such as summer months when school is out, or on holidays such as Halloween or Christmas, you should also think about making your decision to vacation at Walt Disney World as far in advance as possible so that 11-month window can play to your advantage. Many Disney resorts are also undergoing some refurbishments at the moment which can make the option for their availability more slim than usual with a lesser amount of rooms.

Disney vacation club

Although this may seem overwhelming, DVC Rental Store can take care of finding you your perfect hotel for your selected dates, so that you can take advantage of the perks of renting points, without the stress of wondering how to do it. All you have to do is remember to give them 11 months’ notice for the best results, which means you will be able to plan your Disney vacation for the next 11 months!

If 11 months seems too far in advance, do not fret! Booking between 7–11 months is your best window for getting the perfect Disney resort that you have been dreaming of. The 7-11 month window is a time in which DVC Members can book exclusively at their home resort (for example, Disney’s Grand Floridian Members are the only Members that can book at Grand Floridian during that time). Once we get to 7 months, any Disney Vacation Club Member can essentially book at any DVC property. So a Member could use their Grand Floridian points and book at Animal Kingdom Lodge once we get to the 7-Month booking window. For Renting, this means that guests have a greater opportunity to get what they want at a specific resort/room/view in that 7-11 month window because DVC Rental Store can match their points with a DVC Member that has the “Home Resort” priority.

Here are three easy steps that DVC Rental Store suggests when it comes to booking your Disney stay with them through their point rental system:

  • If you’re thinking of reserving a DVC trip, be sure to contact the DVC Rental Store in time for your 11-month booking window for the best availability!
  • Have some alternate resort or room type choices in case your first choice is difficult to book.
  • Be flexible with your travel dates. This increases the odds that your rental request can be filled.

We may have spoken a lot about renting points in Disney World, but you can also rent points with DVC Rental Store for any DVC property! That means traveling to resorts such as Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa can become an affordable and attainable option for many.

So if you want to start planning your vacation to the most magical place on earth so that you can snap a selfie with Mickey Mouse, eat a churro, and sleep in an incredible Disney-themed resort, click here to get started and save thousands today!

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