Irate Guest Bites Off Chunk of Woman’s Middle Finger Over Fireworks Spot at EPCOT

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Irate Guest Bites Off Chunk of Woman’s Middle Finger Over Fireworks Spot at EPCOT

A California woman was hospitalized in December after another Disney-goer bit off part of her middle finger during a brawl at EPCOT, according to a sheriff’s report.

Orange County Sheriff’s Report released the heavily redacted incident report recently, nearly four months after the December 13 fight happened.


At 9:45 p.m. that night — as Harmonious was being performed — a physical altercation broke out between the California woman’s family and a 26-year-old woman named Emily from Pennsylvania.

Emily appeared to be blocking them during the show and then elbowed someone in the group. When Emily was confronted, Emily “proceeded to get irate,” lunged at one of them, and scratched the unidentified person in the face, the report said.

At one point, the unnamed California woman “attempted to separate her relatives away from Emily. As (she) pushed Emily away from her and her family, Emily bit (her) middle finger and proceeded to kick, yell, and scream at (her) and her family,” the heavily redacted report said.

Emily tried to leave the scene, but the family notified a Disney employee and followed her.

The California woman later noticed she was bleeding, and a sheriff’s deputy “observed a chunk of the meaty portion of her middle finger was missing,” the report said.

Even in the heavily redacted report, it is clear the fight was a dramatic one. Emily tried to attack someone, the report said, and one person pushed Emily to the ground. Emily kicked somebody between the legs and flipped that person over, according to the report.

Some of the people involved in the fight — Emily included — had scratch marks.

When questioned by law enforcement, Emily denied doing anything wrong.

“Emily stated she was beat up by multiple people. She stated she was the one beat up and did not know why she was the one in handcuffs,” the report said, noting Emily was being restrained because she was making comments about hurting herself and “her uncontrollable manner.”

Emily, who had a history of mental health issues,  later asked for mental health help, the sheriff’s report said.

Ultimately, Emily was Baker Acted, which is an involuntary hold for up to 72 hours for people to receive emergency mental health services.

The sheriff’s office filed charges for aggravated battery and simple battery to the state attorney’s office, but nobody appears to have been charged with a crime.

The state attorney’s office said last week it did not have any public documents to release on the incident. Orange Circuit Court online records do not show any criminal charges filed against Emily.

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