Orlando’s ‘Most Themed’ Vacation Home Looks Like a Theme Park

Alessa Dufresne

Orlando’s ‘Most Themed’ Vacation Home Looks Like a Theme Park

Alessa Dufresne

Orlando’s ‘Most Themed’ Vacation Home Looks Like a Theme Park

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For many, visiting Orlando on vacation is the ultimate destination, especially if you like theme parks! With Walt Disney World taking up as much space as San Francisco, and with Universal Orlando Resort only a few minutes away, there is so much to do, and so many locations to immerse yourself in. Whether you want to feel like you are entering the prehistoric world of Jurassic Park or you want to enter your own Disney princess fairytale and eat a meal in Cinderella Castle, being placed into an entirely new world is why the theme parks in Orlando are so unmatched.

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If you are someone who visits places like Walt Disney World, enjoys traveling the world through EPCOT’s World Showcase, likes to explore Batuu at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, is ready to hike the mountains of Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and is excited to explore a Haunted Mansion at Magic Kindom, you probably are someone who doesn’t want the immersive experience to ever end. Although the theme parks are a ton of fun, often going back to your hotel ends that high-themed environment. There are some Deluxe Disney resorts that do provide a continued sense of theming, but you are still stuck in a four wall bedroom.

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Another alternative to staying in a hotel is to rent a vacation home when you are visiting Orlando. Renting a vacation home from Incredible Vacation Homes can allow you and your party to have a ton of space, and enjoy luxury amenities like full water parks and massive pools, all while paying a much lower cost per person than you would at a Disney resort. Another great thing about Incredible Vacation Homes is that you can always find a home to fit your budget! There are options that start at $70.00 per night with multiple bedrooms, full kitchens, living rooms, and more, and other options that range into mansion size estates that can hold 25+ guests!

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Some of these homes also come with excessive theming, so if you want to bring the theme parks home with you, you can! We recently went to check out Electronic Ice Castle, a luxury themed vacation home just minutes from the parks, and we were truly blown away! If you are a party looking to bring the magic of Disney and the adventure of Universal into your unique and memorable Orlando visit, this is a home you may want to take a look at!

This house is described as “A house like none other, Electronic Ice Castle is ultra-themed, with wow factors at every turn! This 6,130 sq. ft. house has 8 bedrooms, 9.5 bathrooms, and endless entertainment. With a private pool, custom-designed bedrooms, two game rooms, and more, Electronic Ice Castle is a one-of-a-kind experience.”

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There are rooms inspired by your favorite films such as “Back to the Future,” “Ghostbusters,” “E.T.,” “Home Alone,” “The Sandlot,” and more! Included in the house is even a “Transformers” inspired arcade room which makes it feel like you are in the queue for Transformers: The Ride – 3D and at Dave & Busters all at the same time while a giant movie-size Bumblebee figure watches you play. You can sleep in the same forest that E.T. rode through, blast Slimer with your Proton pack, drive 88 miles per hour to travel in time, come up with a plan to defeat Harry and Marv on Christmas Eve, all while escaping The Beast with your coveted baseball. Each of these rooms makes you feel like you are walking into a set, while still having a relaxing sense of home to give you a well-needed break from the theme parks.

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There are rooms, however, that go above and beyond, and truly blur the line between being a place to sleep and being in a Disney theme park attraction. The first room that will blow your mind is inspired by “Frozen.” The room is meant to be a kids’ oasis at night with multiple beds, but it is far more than that. The room is covered in texture, recreating the cold atmosphere of Arendelle, with ice and snow bubbling from the walls, and making up the beds. There are life-size Anna and Elsa inspired statues in the room, bringing the characters to life in an outdoor forest setting. The best thing about the room, however, is the show.

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Upon entering the room, you can press a button, turn the corner, and watch the show lighting begin to create what feels like a mini Broadway experience. The room is equipped with tons of moving lights with projections as well that are all times and synchronized to the hit song “Show Yourself” sung by Elsa in “Frozen 2.” It truly captivates you through the entire experience and brings the idea of theming in a vacation home to an unseen and unmatched level.

Once you leave the room, you can head down the hall into Flynn’s Arcade, an ode to the “TRON” films. The arcade looks like you are back in the 80s with all of the classic arcade games, including an original TRON game. The best part about this arcade comes to life once you enter the secret door. The TRON arcade game acts as a swinging door into a fully-themed TRON inspired room. The room is flooded with lasers and glows with a blue hue simulating the grid. There is a Lightcycle that you can hop into, a locker system, and bed pods that look like they are from the year 3000. The room also features karaoke!

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After visiting all the different movie-inspired rooms, turn on your favorite movie and gather with your loved ones in the private home theater room. Grab your popcorn, settle down in one of the 10 comfortable theater seats, and relax as you watch a movie on the projector with Dolby ATMOS 9.1 surround sound. The house runs for around $1000.00 per night on the higher end (but can drop to the $800.00 price point at times), and if filled, it would cost around $50 per person per night! If you want to check out Electronic Ice Castle, you can click here!

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Watch a full house tour below!