PHOTOS: Construction Walls Surround Entrance to E.T. Adventure, E.T.’s Toy Closet Closed at Universal Studios Florida


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PHOTOS: Construction Walls Surround Entrance to E.T. Adventure, E.T.’s Toy Closet Closed at Universal Studios Florida

Construction walls are surrounding the entrance to E.T. Adventure, and E.T.’s Toy Closet is closed at Universal Studios Florida.

Construction Walls Surround Entrance to E.T. Adventure

e.t. adventure entrance construction walls

We stopped by Universal Studios Florida today and we noticed the construction walls have gone up again around E.T. Adventure — this time, at the entrance.

IMG 5766

Back in March, we spotted the construction walls around the attraction’s exit. In the beginning of April, the construction walls came down, and we noticed that the small “forest” at the exit was removed and replaced with a paved stroller parking area.

IMG 5771

Because of the ongoing construction at the attraction’s entrance, guests have to enter the attraction through the exit.

IMG 5773

A temporary ramp out of the exit was built to separate incoming and outgoing guests.

IMG 5817

Guests entering the attraction will go through the child swap doors. This is typically at the point in the queue where you give your name.

IMG 5780

If you’ve been on E.T. Adventure before, you know that there is a part during the pre-show video where Steven Spielberg, director of “E.T”, explains that guests need to give their names to one of his “assistants”, and in return, they’ll receive an ‘interplanetary passport.’

The ‘passport’ contains a barcode that corresponds to each name given. It is then entered by a Team Member into a computer, and during the finale of the ride, E.T. will say each guest’s name.

IMG 5781

The room is now divided with a temporary wall. There is now two places where riders can go to give their name.

IMG 5784

There is also a wall that divides the pre-show room. As of today, there was no pre-show happening, and no additional details were given as to when it will return.

IMG 5795

According to Team Members, the construction walls will be up for a few weeks. As of right now, E.T.’s Toy Closet is closed. There were no details given as to when it will reopen.

Are you planning on riding E.T. Adventure during your next Universal Studios Florida trip? Let us know in the comments.

KidZone Construction Continues


A grouping of plants, bushes, and seating has been removed near the construction walls surrounding the area formerly home to Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone at Universal Studios Florida — widening a pathway for guests that was severely truncated by the ongoing work.


Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone as we know it ended operations on January 15, permanently closing Fievel’s Playland, the Curious George Goes to Town play area, DreamWorks Destination, and Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster. Construction walls were swiftly propped up, and while Universal has yet to make any official, concrete announcements — the inclusion of several DreamWorks Animation characters on the walls appears to suggest this revamped area focused on young children will emphasize DreamWorks stories and films.


This newly vacated section can be found just beyond SpongeBob StorePants and the KidZone restrooms, on the approach to the E.T. Toy Closet and E.T. Adventure. While the surrounding area is cut off, all E.T.-related experiences remain open and the removal of this particular seating area opens up a pathway that was essentially a bottleneck — also making the E.T. Adventure difficult to see. 

What new characters or experiences would you like to see in the next iteration of KidZone at Universal Studios Florida? Let us know in the comments!

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