PHOTOS: Disney100 Character Costumes Debut at Walt Disney World

Malia Minckler

PHOTOS: Disney100 Character Costumes Debut at Walt Disney World

Several characters have been spotted in their all-new Disney100 costumes alongside the newly revamped Character Caravan. Let’s take a trip to Disney’s Yacht Club Resort for a closer look.

The Disney100 Look

Image source: Twitter user @DisneyWorldJp

Today, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto were spotted sporting their all-new Disney100 costumes at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort. Donald is sporting a deep purple coat with white cuffs over a white button-down. The look is complete with silver accents and a black bow tie. Donald’s signature hat is wrapped in a deep lavender ribbon.

Image source: Twitter user @DisneyWorldJp

Goofy’s look features a significantly greater amount of silver than Donald’s. He is sporting silver shoes, a silver coat, and silver hat with a deep purple ribbon accent. Under Goofy’s coat rests a white vest with silver buttons. His pants are the same shade of purple as the accent on his hat, and a black bow tie completes his celebratory Disney100 look.

Image source: Twitter user @DisneyWorldJp

Pluto’s new outfit is the most subtle of the group. He sports a silver collar and collar tag with his name and “100” on it.

The Character Caravan Returns

Thanks to Twitter user @DisneyWorldJp, we also got a closer look at the Character Caravan, which is now covered in a celebratory Disney100 wrap. You may recall the 50th anniversary-themed wrap on the caravan that transported characters to resorts during “The World’s Most Magical Celebration.”

Image source: Twitter user @DisneyWorldJp

Just last month, Disney laid out monthly themes including special offerings that will be available for the 100th anniversary celebration at Walt Disney World Resort. The appearance of the Character Caravan was included in that announcement.


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