PHOTOS: New Disney100 Decades 1940s Collection Featuring Pinocchio, Fantasia, & More Available at Big Top Souvenirs at Magic Kingdom


PHOTOS: New Disney100 Decades 1940s Collection Featuring Pinocchio, Fantasia, & More Available at Big Top Souvenirs at Magic Kingdom

The newest Disney100 Decades 1940s Collection featuring “Pinocchio”, “Fantasia”, and more is now available at Big Top Souvenirs at Magic Kingdom.

Disney100 Pinocchio Loungefly Mini Backpack- $88

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The Disney100 Decades 1940s collection featuring Pinocchio is now available at Big Top Souvenirs at Magic Kingdom. The bag features Pinocchio with two little donkey ears sticking out from either side of his head.

IMG 8433

The new simulated leather Loungefly bag features Pinocchio dressed in his signature outfit which includes red overalls, a yellow shirt, and a light blue bow. He is also wearing his yellow pointed fedora with a light blue stripe across it and a red feather sticking out of it.

IMG 8434

A closer look at the details of Pinocchio’s face. His black hair is tucked neatly underneath his hat.

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The suspenders on his overalls have two little yellow buttons on either side. You can also see the Disney Loungefly logo placard on the bottom right corner of the bag.

IMG 8437

The side of the bag features a red side pocket with the same design from Pinocchio’s overall shorts.

IMG 8438

On the back of the bag, you can see two fuzzy donkey ears sticking out from either side of the backpack. The donkey ears can be pivoted.

You can also see a platinum colored Disney100 Decades patch sewn into the top center of the bag. The straps and loop on top of the bag are a plain brown color.

IMG 8441

Here is a closer look at one of the fuzzy donkey ears featured on the backpack.

In the 1940 Disney animated classic movie, Pinocchio was semi-transformed into a donkey due to his misbehavior on Pleasure Island. The transformation was halted due to his escape from the island, thus only allowing ears and a tail to grow.

IMG 8442

It also features a gray and black fuzzy donkey tail, which is fastened to the bottom center of the bag.

IMG 8451

As you can see from this close up picture of the tail, it features a clasp that completely removes the tail if you so choose.

IMG 8444

On the bottom right of the bag, you can see Jiminy Cricket — Pinocchio’s conscience as appointed by the Blue Fairy. He also accompanies Pinocchio on all of his adventures throughout the movie.

Jiminy Cricket is seen in his gentlemanly attire and floating with his burgundy umbrella. He is one of the most iconic characters from the movie and sings “When You Wish Upon a Star” — the Walt Disney Company’s signature song.

IMG 8428 1

The Disney100 Decades collection also has a new spot in Big Top Souvenirs. You can find the 1940s Collection featuring Pinocchio as soon as you enter the building on the right.

Scrooge McDuck Hinged Pin (Limited Release)- $34.99

IMG 8452

The new Scrooge McDuck hinged pin from the Disney100 Decades 1940s collection features a bas relief sculpted Money Bin cover with a goldtone finish.

IMG 8454

When you open the pin, you’ll see two enameled character portraits showing the evolution of Scrooge McDuck.

IMG 8456

On the left, is the old version of Scrooge McDuck. He is a grumpy, penny-pinching miser.

IMG 8457

On the right, is the new and improved nicer Scrooge McDuck. He is now a frugal world adventurer and he is seen here carefully preserving his lucky dime — the first he had ever earned.

Peter Pegasus and Family Plush Set- $64.99

IMG 8472

The five baby pegasuses from this plush set are from the 1940’s Disney animated classic “Fantasia”. They appear in Beethoven’s “Pastoral Symphony” segment of the movie.

IMG 8476

The plush collection features Peter Pegasus, who is pictured above in black, and his four multicolor siblings.

IMG 8481

The yellow pegasus is curled up in a sleeping position.

IMG 8484
IMG 8485

The pink pegasus looks ready for adventure. She is smiling and has her wings stretched out and ready to fly.

IMG 8486

She is a light pink color throughout, with dark pink hooves and wings. Her mane and tail is also a darker pink color.

IMG 8491

Peter Pegasus is one of the main protagonists in “The Pastoral Symphony” segment of “Fantasia”. He is seen above with a scowl on his face.

IMG 8494

Pete Pegasus is black throughout and has purple hooves. His mane and tail are white.

IMG 8495

The orange pegasus sibling is seen pictured above.

IMG 8496

The orange pegasus is a light orange color throughout, and has a darker shade of orange for his hooves, wings, mane, and tail.

IMG 8499

The final Pegasus is seen pictured above.

IMG 8500

This pegasus appears to be white, but is actually a very light blue color. The hooves, mane, and tale are a darker shade of blue.

The Disney100 Decades 1940s collection is also available on shopDisney.

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