Dunk or Flunk Returns, The Simpsons Ride Entrance Reopens as Construction Continues in Springfield at Universal Studios Florida

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Dunk or Flunk Returns, The Simpsons Ride Entrance Reopens as Construction Continues in Springfield at Universal Studios Florida

Construction continues around The Simpsons Ride in Springfield at Universal Studios Florida. The ride has remained open during construction, which began in January of this year.

Dunk or Flunk

springfield construction april 2023 4502

The Dunk or Flunk game that was temporarily removed last month has returned.

springfield construction april 2023 4497

The carnival game is to the right when facing The Simpsons Ride.

springfield construction april 2023 4494

Dunk or Flunk is a basketball game with Simpsons-related prizes, like giant pink donuts, Homer plush, and pillows.

springfield construction april 2023 4476
springfield construction april 2023 4470

The temporary basketball game that sat by the lagoon is subsequently now gone.

springfield construction april 2023 4471

The Simpsons Ride Entrance

springfield construction april 2023 4500

The main entrance to The Simpsons Ride, through the giant mouth of Krusty the Clown, has reopened.

springfield construction april 2023 4496

There are more carnival games lined up under the Krustyland sign next to the giant Krusty the Clown head.

springfield construction april 2023 4478

Construction walls are still cut in front of the entrance, but guests can now maneuver around them.

springfield construction april 2023 4480

Eye Carumba!, another basketball game right next to The Simpsons Ride entrance, has also reopened. Help Santa’s Little Helper, on the other side of Krusty, is still blocked by construction walls.

springfield construction april 2023 4481

It looks like some of the flooring of the Krustyland courtyard has been refreshed in front of the ride.

springfield construction april 2023 4482

The ground is bright red, with a tan tile path and a darker red path cutting through it.

springfield construction april 2023 4485

Two A-frame signs have the attraction’s wait time and warnings.

springfield construction april 2023 4486
springfield construction april 2023 4487

The dark red path leads directly into Krusty’s mouth.

springfield construction april 2023 4488

Krusty himself doesn’t look too different but may have been cleaned.

springfield construction april 2023 4491

More Springfield Construction

springfield construction april 2023 4503

Construction walls in Springfield are decorated with flat images of Simpsons characters. When construction walls went up, we immediately noticed that the ride vehicle full of the Simpsons family had been removed from near the sign. Below is a photo from the Universal Studios Florida website of the figure.

usf simpsons ride universal fron

It has yet to return, but if the pavement is being replaced, it makes sense that it would be removed during construction. Hopefully, the Simpsons family ride vehicle comes back when construction is completed.

The Simpsons Ride History

The Simpsons Ride opened in May 2008 at both Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood. It replaced Back to the Future: The Ride, which closed in March 2007 in Florida and September 2007 in Hollywood.

The surrounding area in Universal Studios Florida was subsequently split off from World Expo (which now only houses Men in Black: Alien Attack) and become Springfield. At Universal Studios Hollywood, Springfield is part of the Upper Lot.

Doc Brown’s time-traveling train and the DeLorean both remain on display near Springfield in Universal Studios Florida, honoring the defunct attraction. An animated Doc, voiced by Christopher Lloyd, also appears briefly in the new attraction’s queue.

The Simpsons Ride utilizes Back to the Future: The Ride’s system, but with significant updates. It takes guests and the Simpsons family on a Krustyland coaster, but the ride gets interrupted by Sideshow Bob. As chaos ensues, guests end up on different Krustyland rides that parody classic theme park attractions.

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