PHOTOS: Vicious 6 Billboard Added to Villain-Con Minion Blast Sound Stage at Universal Studios Florida

Shannen Ace

PHOTOS: Vicious 6 Billboard Added to Villain-Con Minion Blast Sound Stage at Universal Studios Florida

Shannen Ace

PHOTOS: Vicious 6 Billboard Added to Villain-Con Minion Blast Sound Stage at Universal Studios Florida

A new billboard for the Vicious 6 has been added to Sound Stage V, home of Villain-Con Minion Blast at Universal Studios Florida.

Villain-Con Minion Blast Construction

villain con minion blast posters 4153

The new Minions “Villain-Con” attraction replaces Shrek 4-D just across from Despicable Me Minion Mayhem. The entrance marquee was recently completed and banners of various villains have been going up around the show building recently.

villain con minion blast posters 4154

At the center of one wall, facing the main street, is now a large Vicious 6 billboard. The Vicious 6 are a group of supervillains from the “Minions” franchise. Some of them are pictured individually on banners around the building.

villain con minion blast posters 4160

An empty frame is above the Vicious 6 billboard, implying there will be another sign added. To the left are banners for Scarlet Overkill and Vector.

Supervillain Scarlet Overkill, voiced by Sandra Bullock, is the main antagonist of the film “Minions” and one of three antagonists seen in “Minions: The Rise of Gru.” Victor “Vector” Perkins makes his first appearance in the original “Despicable Me” film.

On the right are banners for El Macho and Bratt. Eduardo Perez, better known as El Macho, is the main supervillain featured in “Despicable Me 2.” Former child star turned villain Balthazar Bratt is an overarching antagonist of the “Despicable Me” franchise and the main villain of “Despicable Me 3.”

villain con minion blast posters 4161

The Vicious 6 are the main villains in the recently released “Minions: The Rise of Gru.” The five team members pictured on the billboard are Svengeance, Stronghold, Belle Bottom, Nunchuck, and Jean Clawed. The team betrayed their former leader, Wild Knuckles, and he’s not pictured, but they’re still called the Vicious 6.

villain con minion blast posters 4173

More villain posters are down the side of the building, above an orange overhang featuring logos for Villain-Con and reading, “So much fun, it’s a crime.”

villain con minion blast posters 4174

An “Evil Stuff” sign points to the attraction’s store.

Minion Cafe

minion cafe construction 4164

Next door is Minion Cafe, surrounded by scaffolding and blue scrim.

minion cafe construction 4165

The beginnings of a brick façade are now visible at one corner of the building.

minion cafe construction 4166

The brick is up against a wall of green weather-proof sheathing.

minion cafe construction 4167

Minion Cafe isn’t unique to Universal Studios Florida — a Minion Cafe opened at Universal Studios Hollywood in March 2021. It also has a brick façade, although it’s more gray than this reddish-brown brick visible at Universal Studios Florida.

minion cafe construction 4168

Minion Cafe replaces Monsters Cafe. With Villain-Con Minion Blast and Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, it will be part of the new Illumination Avenue.

minion cafe construction 4170

Minion Cafe at Universal Studios Hollywood serves various treats and meals with bananas, a favorite snack of Minions.

The new attraction and restaurant are expected to open later this year. Illumination Avenue takes over at least part of Production Central, which also houses Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit and Transformers: The Ride 3D. It’s not clear how the lands will specifically be divided since these two rides are on either side of the Minions attractions.

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