22-Minion Marquee, ‘Sing’ Character Meet and Greets, and More Coming to Illumination’s Minion Land This Summer at Universal Studios Florida

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22-Minion Marquee, ‘Sing’ Character Meet and Greets, and More Coming to Illumination’s Minion Land This Summer at Universal Studios Florida

Universal has released additional information about the character meet and greets and photo opportunities throughout Illumination’s Minion Land due to open this summer in Universal Studios Florida.

New Details for Upcoming Illumination’s Minion Land

Universal released information about their upcoming land opening in summer 2023. They also released concept art for the new land, which can be seen below. If you haven’t checked out our full article on the announcements, make sure you take a look.

New details have been announced for Illumination's Minion Land in Universal Orlando Resort.

Marquee Sign and Photo Opportunities

On entering the new Illumination’s Minion Land on Illumination Ave., guests will spot a “Minion Land” marquee with 22 Minions ready to have their photo snapped.

Photo-ready spots will also be available for guests throughout the land, featuring murals and photo opportunities that celebrate additional characters from the Illumination films.

minions meet and greet

Character Meet and Greets

In Illumination Theater, guests will be able to meet with a variety of characters from beloved franchises. Minions, Gru, Margo, Edith and Agnes, as well as characters from the film “Sing,” including Rosita, Gunter, and Johnny, will all be available to interact with at the outdoor Illumination Theater façade.

sing tiff illumination entertainment

‘Sing’ At Universal Studios Parks

“Sing” already has a strong presence in Universal Studios Japan. Characters from the film are featured in both the No Limit Parade and in “Sing on Tour,” a live show attraction situated in the park’s Illumination Theater.

‘Sing on Tour’ Live Show

The “Sing on Tour” show begins with a preshow, which has Buster Moon welcoming the audience to the opening night of the show. He claims there are some minor issues being dealt with and apologizes for the delay, but also calms guests by assuring them that Miss Crawly is on the job. Just as he says this, a circuit board blows a fuse. Buster then tells the camerawoman, Mizuki, to fill time by introducing herself while he leaves to help with the malfunction.

Mizuki stalls for time by meeting with several popular “Sing” characters while on a backstage “VIP” tour and even fixing some problems along the way. Several characters are concerned with their upcoming acts, and Mizuki works to be encouraging to everyone involved. Finally, the circuit board is fixed and Buster hops onto his crescent moon prop. He tells the audience to stand clear of the doors and enjoy the show.

Once this has concluded, guests may enter the theater for the live show, which is a mix of pre-recorded video, stage and lighting effects, and characters in costume dancing live to a variety of songs from the movie.

Universal has not made any announcement regarding this show making its way to the United States, but we will let you know as soon as any additional information on “Sing” or other Illumination intellectual properties becomes available. In the meantime, take a look at our coverage of the new Illumination’s Minion Land using the links below:

What do you think of “Sing” characters making their way to Universal Studios Florida for meet and greets? We’d like to see your opinions in the comments below.

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