Castle Hub Refreshment Cart Quietly Closed This Week at Magic Kingdom

Spencer Lloyd

Castle Hub Refreshment Cart Quietly Closed This Week at Magic Kingdom

Guests waiting for “Happily Ever After” or “Festival of Fantasy Parade” may need to look elsewhere at the Magic Kingdom, as the Castle Hub Refreshment Cart has been quietly closed for a few days.

Castle Hub Refreshment Cart Quietly Closed This Week

CastleHubRefreshmentCartClosed 1

Since Sunday, May 21, the Castle Hub Refreshment Cart has not peddled any of its typical snacks like popcorn, churros, and pretzels. We’re unsure as of yet when the cart will reopen with its goodies.

CastleHubRefreshmentCartClosed 2

The green curtains are drawn around the entire space, which was created when the Magic Kingdom hub was expanded in 2015.

CastleHubRefreshmentCartClosed 3

For the moment, one of the carts has been removed from the space and placed along the guest pathway, but it was not open at any point we passed by this week. Cast Members and guests were relaxing under its umbrellas to get out of the brutal Florida summer sun for a little bit.

Guests hunting down popcorn or churros certainly won’t have to go far, the Frontierland churro cart is only a couple minutes’ walk away, and popcorn carts are just about everywhere in the Magic Kingdom.

Let us know if you’re frustrated by this current state of affairs in the comments below!

Churro Ears

The new chocolate-dunked churro ear headband is now available at Walt Disney World Resort. We found these new snack-inspired Minnie ears at the Emporium in Magic Kingdom. The ear headband will be available on shopDisney in a few days.

Churro Ear Headband – $34.99

wdw churro ear headband 4051

The ears resemble two chocolate-dipped churros curled into circles. They are made of hard plastic, with chunky glitter resembling sugar.

wdw churro ear headband 4055

A sparkly white Minnie bow sits between the churro ears.

wdw churro ear headband 4056
wdw churro ear headband 4057
wdw churro ear headband 4058

The headband is chocolate-brown and also covered with sugar sparkles.

wdw churro ear headband 4060
wdw churro ear headband 4061

Will you be wearing these churro ears during your next Disney trip? Let us know in the comments.

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Disney Churros

DL Toffee Churro 05

Churros are a popular snack food at Disney Parks. They were first introduced at Disneyland in the 1960s and are now available at Disney Parks around the world.

Churros are made of dough that is piped into long, thin strips and then deep-fried. The churros are then dusted with sugar and cinnamon and served warm. They can be eaten plain or with a variety of toppings, such as chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, or powdered sugar. Seasonal varieties are often made available, for holidays or to celebrate intellectual properties.

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