Disney Lorcana Monthly News Roundup for May 2023


Disney Lorcana logo with Elsa, Mickey, and Maleficent

Disney Lorcana Monthly News Roundup for May 2023


Disney Lorcana logo with Elsa, Mickey, and Maleficent

Disney Lorcana Monthly News Roundup for May 2023

As we get closer to the release date of Disney Lorcana, more and more news about the game appears to be coming out. As it can be hard to follow, we’re here to help everyone catch up and have created a monthly recap for all of the news.

Card Spoilers for the Month of May 2023:

The Disney Lorcana official Twitter account spoiled Timon, Cerberus, Iago, and Sergeant Tibbs.

From other social media accounts, we were able to piece together some, if not all of the abilities of the spoiled cards. Of course, until we have the official product we cannot confirm all of these stats, so just note that as a disclaimer as these could change and are just an estimate.

Timon – Grub Rustler
Cost: 1
Color: Amber
Type: Character
Strength: 1 / Willpower: 2 / Lore: 1
Storyborn / Ally
TASTES LIKE CHICKEN: When you play this character, you may remove up to 1 damage from chosen character

Cerberus – Three-Headed Dog
Cost: 5
Color: Steel
Type: Character
Strength: 5 / Willpower: 6 / Lore: 1

Iago – Loud-Mouthed Parrot
Cost: 3
Color: Emerald
Type: Character
Strength: 1 / Willpower: 4 / Lore: 1
Storyborn / Ally
YOU GOT A PROBLEM?: Chosen character gains Reckless during their next turn. (They can’t quest and must challenge if able.)

Sergeant Tibbs – Couragous Cat
Cost: 1
Color: Ruby
Type: Character
Strength: 2 / Willpower: 2 / Lore: 1
Storyborn / Ally

Disney Lorcana France Demo Session

During the week of the 22nd, Lorcana was being demoed for game stores over in France. Thanks to the Lorcana France TCG Twitter account, we received some additional news about the game.

According to this thread, set 2 and 3 for the game are currently being printed. Set 4 and 5 are currently in the design process, with set 7 being currently in development. As a reminder, it has been announced that Lorcana will have four expansion sets released per year.

Along with the expansion news, it was announced that Illumieer’s Trove will be printed in only English for the first two sets.

We also got to see some additional photos of the product, including the Elsa-themed card sleeves and card packs.

Lastly, there was some misinformation surrounding organized play. Initially, it was reported that organized play would be limited in the first year of the game, to give the card pool time to build up and create a solid player base. The Lorcana team then took themselves over to the Disney Lorcana HQ Discord to clear up this information, stating: “Hi, Illumineers! We want to clarify incorrect speculation about Disney Lorcana’s organized play program. While the program’s organized play structure is designed to welcome new players, there is still plenty of room for competitive play! Please stay tuned—we will be releasing more information about our plans soon at https://www.disneylorcana.com/


Gen Con 2023 Event Registration

The last big event of May 2023 was a huge one, as the event catalog and event registration opened for Gen Con 2023. As this is the first time players will be able to purchase products and play the game for the first time, everyone is anxious and excited about this event.

The event catalog opened on May 7th, which allowed attendees of Gen Con to browse the huge event catalog and add events to their wishlists. The wishlist contains all of your events, organized in priority order of your desire to attend them, #1 is most desired and #10 being the least.

Disney Lorcana is bringing three separate events to Gen Con: a learn-to-play demo, the Disney Lorcana Starter Deck Challenge! and a few casual play events.

The Learn to Play events cost $20 dollars a person and between Thursday (when the convention begins) and Sunday (when the convention ends) there were 34 events listed. Each event lasts for an hour and holds a maximum of 60 people. A starter deck is received upon completion of the demo, which is the reason for the high event price.


The Starter Deck Challenge has a maximum of 59 players and a cost of $20 dollars, and the price includes a starter deck. This is a 3-round tournament, with prizes for top 8. Prizes include a Disney Lorcana Play Mat and an invitation to participate in a special event on Sunday. There were 7 of these events offered.


The final event type, Casual Play, had 3 slots available on Sunday afternoon. This event is free and holds a maximum of 60 players. You need to bring your own deck in order to participate.


With so many events available, those attending the convention had high hopes of getting into at least a few of the Lorcana events. Unforuntently, it appears Gen Con had a record number of those attending this year, and when registration opened on May 21st, many were disappointed (including myself!) and the events were sold out before some wishlists were even processed.

As of the time writing this, all Lorcana Gen Con events are completely sold out, and there has been no word from Ravensburger if they will be adding more events in the future.


It has been recommended to those attending, to purchase generic tickets (which are sold for $2 each) and head over to the headquarters before an event you would like to join starts; sometimes people don’t show up, and then they’ll take generic tickets and allow you to attend. Just remember, the dollar value of the generic tickets needs to match the actual ticket price, so in order to join a Learn to Play Demo or the Starter Deck Challenge! you’ll need to purchase ten generic tickets.


While May was a bit of a disappointing month for those attending Gen Con (I know several people who even canceled their entire trips to the convention due to not getting Lorcana events) a lot of interesting news was released this month. We were able to get new sneak peeks at products and cards, and it’s reassuring that Ravensburger is already working toward set 7, reaffirming that they’re committed to making this game last.

Remember to check back at the end of June for the next monthly recap!

Are you excited about the Disney Lorcana release? Let us know in the comments below!

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