PHOTOS: New Banners Hung Outside Mickey’s PhilharMagic in Magic Kingdom

Lisa Stump

PHOTOS: New Banners Hung Outside Mickey’s PhilharMagic in Magic Kingdom

New banners are on display outside Mickey’s PhilharMagic Concert in Magic Kingdom. Missing since December, the new banners feature a fresh design.

Banners Replaced at Mickey’s PhilharMagic

banners at philharmagic 3

Brand new royal blue banners were installed in front of Mickey’s PhilharMagic: “The Kingdom’s Most Magical Musical Revue.”

New banners were spotted outside Mickey's PhilharMagic in Magic Kingdom.

The banners were taken down in December and have been missing since. They previously had a diamond pattern and now feature music notes and sparkles.

banners at philharmagic 4

The music notes are stylized and in a pale gold color to match the attraction’s palette.

banners at philharmagic 2

The banners are all identical to one another.

Mickey’s PhilharMagic

Last June, we reported the exterior of this building received a fresh paint job, with imagery similar to these banners. The support poles, spires, and decorative crowns were also painted at this time.

The new “Coco” scene in Mickey’s PhilharMagic, which first debuted at Disney California Adventure and Disneyland Paris, arrived at Magic Kingdom last November, as well.

In this portion of the show, Héctor and Miguel are singing “Poco Loco” when Dante, Miguel’s alebrije companion, appears wearing the Sorcerer’s Hat. Donald Duck is in fast pursuit of the hat as he desperately tries to retrieve it. The “Coco” scene is an addition to the attraction; nothing was replaced or removed to accommodate it. Adding this scene increased the length of the show by several minutes.

Ultimately, Donald is reunited with the hat on stage with Miguel and Héctor. Check out our video of the scene below.

What do you think of the new banners at Mickey’s PhilharMagic Concert? We’d like to see your opinions in the comments below.

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