PHOTOS: Only Two 50th Anniversary Decorations Remain on Cinderella Castle

Shannen Ace

PHOTOS: Only Two 50th Anniversary Decorations Remain on Cinderella Castle

Only two 50th anniversary decorations remain on Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom as another golden ribbon turret topper is removed.

Golden Ribbon Turret Toppers Removed

castle turret toppers removed 4039

The last two remaining turret toppers are on two of the highest towers.

castle turret toppers removed 4040

One turret topper was removed overnight from this small side tower.

castle turret toppers removed 4042

Golden ribbons have already been removed from the lowest towers of Cinderella Castle. The final drapery bunting was removed from the castle a few weeks ago.

castle turret toppers removed 4043

The recent paint job of Cinderella Castle will remain after the decorations have been removed. The castle was painted new shades of pink, royal blue, gold, and gray just before “The World’s Most Magical Celebration” began.

castle turret toppers removed 4044

The 50th anniversary decorations also included a giant “50” medallion over the clock of Cinderella Castle. This was the first piece of decoration removed after the 50th anniversary celebration ended.

castle turret toppers removed 4045

A crane parked behind construction walls in Fantasyland is being used to remove the turret toppers. The last two will likely be removed within a week.

castle turret toppers removed 4046

As part of the effort to remove the 50th anniversary decorations, the moat around the castle was partially drained. Take a look here.

castle turret toppers removed 4048

The 50th Anniversary celebration at Walt Disney World Resort officially ended on March 31, 2023. Since then, Walt Disney World has been celebrating 100 years of The Walt Disney Company.

Disney100 Anniversary Celebration

Mickey and Minnie in platinum outfits in front of Spaceship Earth

Across almost all six resorts and on a global scale, Disney is celebrating “100 Years of Wonder.” This celebration is the largest event ever thrown by The Walt Disney Company. The heart of the celebration takes place at Disneyland Resort, as it is “The Place Where it All Began.”

The party kicked off on January 27, 2023, in Disneyland Resort, and is expected to last through July 2024.

At Walt Disney World, Disney100 will mostly be celebrated at EPCOT with Mickey and Minnie in their new platinum outfits. A new Spectacle of Light will debut on Spaceship Earth, and in late 2023, a new Disney100 nighttime spectacular will replace EPCOT Forever. This show was brought back after the end of Harmonious in early April but has only returned as an interim replacement.

In addition, Journey of Water, CommuniCore Hall and Plaza, World Celebration Garden, and Dreamers Point featuring the “Dreamer” statue of Walt Disney are all scheduled to open in late 2023 at EPCOT.

Platinum Disney100 decorations were installed at all four Walt Disney World theme parks and at Disney Springs.

Collectible Disney100 medallions and Disney100 pressed pennies are available throughout the resort.

Check out some Disney100 merchandise available at Walt Disney World Resort:

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