PHOTOS: ‘Peter Pan and Wendy’ Costumes Now on Display at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Lisa Stump

PHOTOS: ‘Peter Pan and Wendy’ Costumes Now on Display at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

A new showcase is set up in the Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream display space within Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It features several costume pieces from Disney’s newest live-action movie release, “Peter Pan and Wendy.”

‘Peter Pan and Wendy’ Costumes at Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream

Peter pan and wendy costumes at DHS 13

A new window display at Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream shows off a few of the costume pieces worn in the recently released “Peter Pan and Wendy.” A promotional movie poster and several informational signs are also included.

Peter Pan and Wendy costumes are on display at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Wendy’s costume is positioned on the left, and Pan’s is on the right.

Peter pan and wendy costumes at DHS 4

An informational sign is included in the display. It reads:

Peter Pan & Wendy (2023)

Now streaming on Disney+

Wendy Darling meets Peter Pan, the boy who refuses to grow up, in this live-action reimagining of the beloved classic tale. With the help of a tiny fairy named Tinker Bell, Wendy and her brothers take flight alongside Peter to the magical world of Never Land. But when their enchanting excursion is interrupted by the fearsome Captain hook, a thrilling and perilous adventure unfolds, promising to change Wendy’s life forever.

This display features original costumes designed by Ngila Dickson for the film, including Peter Pan (Alexander Molony), Wendy (Ever Anderson), and Captain Hook (Jude Law).

Peter pan and wendy costumes at DHS 6

Another sign features three stills from the movie. On the left is Peter Pan, the center image shows Wendy at the helm of a ship, and Captain Hook is pictured right.

Peter pan and wendy costumes at DHS 9

Here, Captain Hook’s iconic hook and bicorn hat are seated next to his admiral’s jacket.

‘Peter Pan and Wendy’

The film stars Jude Law as Captain Hook, Alexander Molony as Peter Pan, Ever Anderson as Wendy Darling, Yara Shahidi as Tinker Bell, Alyssa Wapanatâhk as Tiger Lily, Jim Gaffigan as Mr. Smee, Molly Parker as Mary Darling, and Alan Tudyk as George Darling. David Lowery (“Pete’s Dragon”) directs, with Jim Whitaker as producer and a screenplay by Lowery and Toby Halbrooks.

Wendy and her brothers encounter Pan, a boy who refuses to grow up, and follow him away from their home on a journey to the far and fantastical Neverland. There, they encounter the evil Captain Hook, entangling themselves in Neverland’s greatest adventures and most dangerous conflicts.

This live-action Disney+ film is a remake of the 1953 Disney animated classic, which traces its own origin to the 1904 play “Peter Pan; or, the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up,” by J.M. Barrie.

Take a look at the trailer below.

The story has been utilized in cinema multiple times, from Steven Spielberg’s “Hook” to Disney’s own “Return to Never Land” — a 2002 sequel to the animated film following Wendy’s daughter Jane amid the Second World War.

“Peter Pan & Wendy” is the first time Disney has ventured back to a feature-length Peter Pan adventure in over twenty years.

We have a full review of the film. Make sure to check it out here.

Will you be stopping by Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream to check out the new “Peter Pan and Wendy” display? We’d like to read your opinions in the comments below.

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