PHOTOS: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge-Exclusive Merchandise Now Available on shopDisney

Lisa Stump

PHOTOS: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge-Exclusive Merchandise Now Available on shopDisney

Lisa Stump

PHOTOS: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge-Exclusive Merchandise Now Available on shopDisney

We spotted a new line of merchandise for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge available on shopDisney, with choices like Holocrons, Kyber crystals and even a Therii plush as part of the available merchandise. Let’s take a look.

White Kyber Crystal – $17.99

Previously only available within the parks, several items from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge are now available for purchase on shopDisney.

Yoda said “The heart of the Lightsaber, the crystal is.” shopDisney now offers options in white, blue and yellow. These are all modeled after the crystals that help both Jedi and Sith connect with the Force.

white kyber crystal

This white Kyber crystal is fashioned after the one used by Ahsoka Tano, who used the Force to cleanse a Sith’s red Kyber crystal, turning it white and making it her own.

Blue Kyber Crystal – $17.99

blue kyber crystal2

This blue Kyber crystal is similar to the one belonging to Luke Skywalker.

blue kyber crystal

It comes in a decorative container.

blue kyber crystal 3

This image shows how a Kyber crystal fits into a Jedi Holocron.

Yellow Kyber Crystal – $17.99

yellow Kyber Crystal 3

This yellow Kyber crystal is modeled after those found in the Lightsabers belonging to the Jedi Temple Guard.

yellow Kyber Crystal

Each Kyber crystal comes in a container matching its color.

yellow Kyber Crystal 2

Here the Kyber crystal is shown in a Jedi Holocron, which we detail below.


We have a video showing all the secrets of the “Star Wars” Holocrons.

The video above goes over all the fun secrets and surprises held within lightsabers and holocrons available at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. If you haven’t watched it yet, take a look.

Jedi Holocron with Light and Sound Effects – $49.99

jedi holocron

Jedi Holocrons are thought to hold secrets and teachings of the ancient Jedi Order. They can be opened only by those who are sensitive to the Force. You can test your Midi-chlorian count by picking one up either at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge or on shopDisney.

jedi holocron2

It lights up and makes sounds when activated properly.

jedi holocron3

A secret compartment can store your Kyber crystal, keeping it from prying Sith eyes.

jedi holocron4

The holocron comes with a USB charger and a decorative drawstring bag that reads: Black Spire Outpost.

Sith Holocron with Light and Sound Effects – $49.99

sith holocron

Darth Maul once said, ”Sith Holocrons are keys that can open many doors,” and are considered by Jedi to be one of the most dangerous objects in the Galaxy.

sith holocron 3

It too features a secret compartment for your Kyber crystal.

sith holocron 2

You can purchase your dangerous Sith artifact for just $49.99. When using the hidden drawer and the top rotating piece, different sounds from scenes featuring famous “Star Wars” Sith conversations and lightsaber battles can be heard. It also lights up.

sith holocron 4

It comes paired with a charging cable and a decorative drawstring bag.

Therii Plush with Sound – $39.99

New merchandise is available on shopDisney from Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

A Therii is a herding creature from the planet Batuu. This plush makes animal sounds and is also available in Disney Parks at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Therii plush 4

The toy is covered in a tan plush and has a plastic snout and tusks.

Therii plush 3

It requires batteries and makes “guinea pig-like” sounds.

Therii plush 2

Its four hooves are covered in corduroy.

Building a Lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop

When guests visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to build a custom lightsaber, they are presented with a myriad of options when it comes to hilts, Kyber crystals, and accessories. We have an overview for you in the video below.

Lightsabers and droids can be built at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in both Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World and in Disneyland at Disneyland Resort.

We also did a full review of the process, if you’re interested. If you haven’t watched it yet, take a look using the video above.

If you’re looking for a display for these, check out our overview here.

Will you be adding any of these to your “Star Wars” collection? Have you built a lightsaber? We’d like to read about it in the comments below.

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