PHOTOS: More Foliage Added to Mountainside for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at Magic Kingdom

Lisa Stump

PHOTOS: More Foliage Added to Mountainside for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at Magic Kingdom

We spotted a few new changes to the transformation process for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in Magic Kingdom.


Splash Flume 4

The edging repairs seem to be complete. Previously, construction crews chipped away at sections of the edging, poured new concrete, and painted it to match.

Splash Flume 9

We presume some Louisiana-native plants may be used in the landscaping here.

Splash Flume 10

This section of the façade on the left, just next to the track has been completely redone. The track has also been refurbished.

Construction on Tiana's Bayou Adventure continues to make progress.

Small wooden crates continue to sit next to the flume.

Splash Flume 5

A few weeks ago, we spotted a ride envelope on site to test that the new rockwork was not a danger to guests on the ride.

Splash Flume 6

The rockwork here was destroyed and reconstructed to look more like it belongs in a bayou.

Splash Flume 3

It was painted recently, too.


Splash Flume 1

It looks like the construction crew added more greenery to the top of the mountain over the weekend. We saw them working on this last week.

Splash crane 2

The crane was in motion today.

Splash crane 4

Though Louisiana is not known for its mountains, it does have some small peaks, including Driskill Mountain which has an elevation of 535 above sea level (although Driskill is nowhere near New Orleans).

Splash crane 8

More of the lush greenery can be seen here.

Splash crane 9

Staircases and scaffolding cover the attraction to facilitate the construction crew safely.

Splash crane 1

Side of Attraction

Splash canopy and trees 2

The mountain is still completely surrounded by metal scaffolding.

Splash canopy and trees 3

On the side, a canopy has been added along the rock work near the tree stump.

Splash queue front 3

Construction crew were spotted working beneath the new canopy on the attraction’s façade.

Splash queue front 4
Splash canopy and trees 4

This may simply be erected to provide shade for the workers in the blistering Florida summer heat.

Pressed Penny Machines Still Available

splash pennies 1

We also noticed that the Splash Mountain pressed pennies are still available for purchase.

splash pennies 2

If you’re a fan of these souvenir coins, check out our recent coverage here.

Front of Queue

Splash queue front 6

The front of the queue is looking largely the same as our last update.

Splash queue front 7

Several trees are marked with purple flagging tape. Purple typically indicates irrigation, reclaimed water and slurry lines are beneath the ground.

Splash queue front 8
Splash queue front 1

The queue path still shows pink spray paint and is in need of cleaning and repair.

Back of Queue

Splash queue construction 1

The covered dirt pile is still there. In addition, there’s a large white box sealed with red tape that looks like it was brought in on a dolly.

Splash queue construction 3

A forklift is also parked here for future use.

Splash queue construction 4

We spotted more workers out and about here, too.

Splash queue construction 6

The dirt pile was created from tearing up the flooring of the barn, and the pile is getting smaller over time. We’re not sure what’s in the new box.

Splash queue construction 7

Large sheets of plywood are piled up in the queue.

Splash queue construction 8
Splash queue construction 10

The barn entrance is still covered with black fabric.

What do you think of the construction progress? We’d like to see your opinions in the comments below.

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