Redesigned Universal Orlando Resort Logos Displayed at Volcano Bay Bus Loop

Shannen Ace

Redesigned Universal Orlando Resort Logos Displayed at Volcano Bay Bus Loop

Shannen Ace

Redesigned Universal Orlando Resort Logos Displayed at Volcano Bay Bus Loop

The new and redesigned Universal Orlando Resort logos are now in use on a sign at the Universal Volcano Bay bus loop.

Universal Orlando Resort Logos on Sign

universal orlando bus stop sign 2745

The Universal Orlando Resort, Universal’s Islands of Adventure, and Universal CityWalk logos — along with the Uber logo — are on an A-frame sign in use at the water park’s bus stops. The Universal Orlando Resort logo resembles the Universal Studios Florida logo, with a blue globe in the background. The Universal’s Islands of Adventure logo resembles a compass, and the new CityWalk logo has pink lettering.

universal orlando bus stop sign 2747

These updated logos were revealed earlier this year, and we first saw the Universal CityWalk logo in use on a Mother’s Day sign. Take a closer look at each logo below.

Universal Islands of Adventure

redesigned islands of adventure logo

The new Universal’s Islands of Adventure logo features a version of the original globe and compass design except the globe is solid red and not a map of the world as seen in the original logo below. The compass points have been toned down to a more weathered gold color as well. The Islands of Adventure lettering also has seen some significant changes. The new logo is more refined and has a metallic-steel look to it.

Universals-Islands-of-Adventure old logo

Universal CityWalk

universal citywalk logo

The redesigned CityWalk logo has a contemporary feel with “Universal” in gold tones, “City” in fading pastel purples, and “Walk” in vibrant purple with a glowing neon effect. “City” and “Walk” are depicted stacked on top of each other or next to each other as a whole word.

UOR citywalk logo old

As you can see the new logo is quite a departure from the previous two logos below. The multi-colored one, which dates from 1999-2018, has a rock-n-roll-style design. On a solid black background, 1960s-style graphics in purple, red, and orange intersect with an orange triangle. “CityWalk” is written a jagged style with “Universal Studios” above and “Orlando” found below.

universal city walk orlando logo

This more modern logo replaced the rock-n-roll-style logo in 2018. It was much cleaner with “Universal” and “Orlando” against lime green rectangles and “CityWalk” in large block letters.

Universal Studios Florida

redesigned Universal Studios Florida logo

Above is the new logo for Universal Studios Florida. It didn’t deviate too far from the present one, however, it does have a crisper look to it. The most recent logo, from 2017, is below for comparison.

USF logo 6

The new logo differs from the previous one in several ways. Firstly, the detailed imagery of the earth has been substituted with solid, three-dimensional representations of the continents. Additionally, the logo now appears on a white background, and the text “Universal Studios Florida” has been rendered in solid gold tones. The letters no longer have the three-dimensional, cinematic quality of the previous version.

universal orlando resort logo

The new Universal Orlando Resort logo is nearly identical to the Universal Studios Florida logo.

The following two Universal Studios Florida logos have been used as simplified print versions of the detailed logo.

Screenshot 2023 03 08 at 16.35.06
Screenshot 2023 03 08 at 16.35.29

Below are even older versions of the Universal Studios Florida logo. The first three are from 1989-1998 and the last one is from 1998-2017.

USF logo 4
USF old logo
US florida logo 2

Universal Volcano Bay

redesigned volcano bay logo

There is a notable contrast between the new Volcano Bay logo, positioned above, and its predecessor below. The updated logo has a more formal appearance, whereas the former one conveyed a playful tone.

universals volcano bay water theme park logo1

Both logos incorporate the imagery of a volcano and water, yet the new version features a golden outline while the previous design was a basic light green line drawing.

Furthermore, the water graphics display a significant divergence. As a water park, the new logo prominently showcases realistic water graphics, whereas the old logo depicted a basic graphic with shades of dark and light blue.

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