REVIEW: New Shrimp Cocktail & All-New Drink Menu at Space 220 Lounge in EPCOT


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REVIEW: New Shrimp Cocktail & All-New Drink Menu at Space 220 Lounge in EPCOT

New and exciting bites and beverages for adventurous astronauts abound at Space 220 Lounge in EPCOT. Take a trip to the stars with us as we try all the selections available at this unique interstellar bar.

Space 220 Dining Room, Lounge and Bar Overview

In order to dine at Space 220, guests have several options. Both the lounge and the dining room are on the reservation system in order to book a spot in advance. The third place to dine within Space 220, the bar, is operated on a first come, first serve basis. Park guests may book a lounge or dining room reservation 60 days in advance of their stay, plus the length of their vacation if staying on Walt Disney World Resort property.

The two locations available for advanced dining reservations within the restaurant are the dining room and the lounge. These areas have separate menus. The Space 220 dining room serves a prix fixe meal; lunch includes an appetizer and an entrée, and dinner includes an appetizer, an entrée, and a dessert.

The lounge has a completely different menu. It is more limited, and it does not include any kid’s meals. However, this also means ordering a prix fixe service is not required (or even an option) and guests may share plates if they choose.

On our most recent visit to Space 220, we sampled their newest menu addition as well as a few guest favorites to give you a rundown of what’s great to order here. Let’s take a look.

Space 220 Lounge ‘Flight Bites’

space 220 food 3111

The “Flight Bites” comes with three different dishes.

space 220 food 3136

*NEW* Shrimp Cocktail – $24

Jumbo Shrimp, Classic Horseradish Cocktail Sauce

space 220 food 3138

Though the shrimp are pretty large, this is overpriced at $24. The shrimp was delicious for sure, but not remarkable enough to warrant the premium cost.

Astro Deviled Eggs – $12

Free-Range Eggs, Maple Glazed Bacon, Scallion, Pickled Shallots, Micro Greens

space 220 food 3112

The Astro Deviled Eggs are pretty much what you’d expect; however, they do come with some onion and a piece of bacon between each.

space 220 food 3114

These are basic deviled eggs that are unremarkable on their own, but the accompanying bacon is a real standout. Some of the better bacon you will find on property, though.

Short Rib Sliders – $18

White Cheddar Cheese, Roasted Pepper Citrus Aioli, Lettuce, Tomato, Butter Pickles

space 220 food 3150
space 220 food 3152

A true hit. These easy-to-share sliders feature tender short rib and delicious cheese.

space 220 food 3156

They disappeared quickly, and were one of the best of the “Flight Bites.”

Chicken on Waffle – $18

Fried Chicken, Smoked Bacon and Roasted Corn Waffle, Spiced Coleslaw, Bourbon Maple Glaze

space 220 food 3140
space 220 food 3147

This was a hit for all of us. It has the right flavors all around, and the chicken was expertly prepared.

Starry Calamari – $19 (Previously Reviewed)

Fried Calamari, Italian Cherry Peppers, Spicy Marinara, Roasted Pepper Citrus Aioli

space 220 food 3116

This was pretty solid overall, though the peppers put it over the top. The calamari is well prepared, if a bit bland. Two dipping sauces are provided — marinara and aioli. The marinara is thin but with decent flavor and a kick. The aioli is also good, and handy for providing an alternate flavor profile to the spicy marinara — though the highlight of this dish is the Italian cherry peppers, which are fantastic.

Blue Moon Cauliflower – $17 (Previously Reviewed)

Tempura Fried Cauliflower, Housemade Hot Sauce, Blue Cheese Dust

space 220 food 3117

Honestly, this one didn’t wow us. The sauce is reminiscent of Frank’s RedHot, and gives the otherwise bland cauliflower a decent kick, though you will need to dip the cauliflower into the center of the plate to get to it.

We did a full dinner review, too. Check out the video below.


Space 220 Lounge Drinks

At Space 220, the bar is operated on a first come, first serve basis. In order to be seated at the bar, guests wait for a spot in a standby line outside, as pictured above. The bar can serve menus from both the dining room and the lounge, and can provide anything à la carte except for entrées. If you want to order an entrée, you’ll need to go for the full, multi-course prix fixe meal. This option is available to guests at the bar.

All of the cocktails below are new, with the lounge having fully revamped the offerings.

Illumination – $18.00

Bacardi, Malibu, passion fruit, blood orange, pineapple, lime sour, passion fruit boba

illumination drink space 220

It’s definitely our kind of thing. Tart, but not too tart. Sweet, with a blend of tropical juices. The trend of boba in cocktails has even made it to outer space. This refreshing and delicious cocktail has a distinctive rum flavor, and if there are tiki bars in space, surely this is on the menu.

Shuttle Crew – $18.00

Ketel One Peach, Orange Blossom vodka, vanilla, tangerine, Red Bull, and Tang foam

shuttle crew drink space 220 lounge new

This unexpected and fantastic combination includes the addition of tang foam on top, which briefly tricks you into thinking the drink will be orange-forward. However, the peach taste really shines through, with a slight Red Bull kick at the end. Falling asleep at the controls of your space shuttle shouldn’t be a problem.

Up All Night – $17.00

Absolut vanilla vodka, crème de cacao, Kahluam chilled espresso, astronaut ice cream

up all night space 220 lounge new 1

Speaking of falling asleep, this espresso will keep you going, in what amounts to a standard espresso martini but an uncommon finish with a section of a freeze-dried ice cream sandwich.

up all night space 220 lounge new 2

The ice cream floats, but the bottom of it gets pretty soggy.

Black Hole Fashioned – $18.00

Knob Creek bourbon, Demerara, whiskey barrel-aged bitters

black hole fashioned space 220 lounge new 1

Don’t let the purple hue fool you, there is no grape taste here. The presentation includes a treatment from the “flavor blaster,” which infuses a bit of a citrus flavor.

black hole fashioned space 220 lounge new 3

It may look like smoke, which is a popular presentation these days, but it’s not, and it doesn’t leave a smoky taste.

black hole fashioned space 220 lounge new 5
black hole fashioned space 220 lounge new 7

Who are we to argue with astronauts? This is a great zero-gravity take on an old fashioned.

M4G4RITA – $18.00

Espolon Blanco tequila, watermelon lime sour, salted lime foam

m4g4rita drink space 220 lounge 1

The presentation on this one will fool you. It almost looks like a cupcake, and your mouth might start expecting the sweet taste of frosting, but it’s actually a salt and lime foam. Instead of ringing the glass with lime juice and salt, it’s just in the foam. This is a creative, well-themed, and delicious take on a watermelon margarita.

Command Center – $17.00

Hendricks Gin, St. Germain elderflower liqueur, lemon juice, citrus elderflower foam

command center drink space 220 lounge new 1

The foam helps set up the final presentation touch, which is a small collection of shredded, dried raspberries.

command center drink space 220 lounge new 2

It’s served in a long-stemmed, beautiful glass, and is crisp and refreshing.

Galaxy Spritz – $17

Lagoon Bay aperitif, lychee liqueur, fresh lemon juice, prosecco

space 220 drinks 2497

A true spritz. This one also does not taste like it looks. You might be expecting to taste Blue Curacao just based on its appearance, but it is not present. The prosecco dominates, but the overall drink was tasty and refreshing.

Space Age Mule – $17

Tito’s Vodka, fresh carrot juice, mango, lime juice, ginger beer, tajin rim

space 220 food 3127

The inclusion of carrot juice might scare some people off, but they could really be missing out. Those in the group that didn’t like the idea of carrot juice admitted that the drink was pretty good. While weird, it’s one of the best cocktails on Disney property.

Saturn 2.0 – $16

Bacardi 8, Falernum, Ogeat, passion fruit, lemon juice

space 220 drinks 2498

This tastes like a tiki drink, but it is given an out-of-this-world presentation, complete with a little wooden star. We liked the way the flavors worked together, and it was a relaxing sipper.

New menu items are also available at the table-service component of Space 220 Restaurant.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the restaurant yet, take a look at our full video walkthrough above.

Have you been to the lounge here before? Interested in exploring some of these new cosmic concoctions? Let us know in the comments.

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