Walt Disney World Awarded for Glass Pulverizing & Recycling Efforts

Shannen Ace

Walt Disney World Awarded for Glass Pulverizing & Recycling Efforts

Walt Disney World has received the Environmental Initiatives Award at the SEAL 2023 Business Sustainability Awards for their glass pulverizing program at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground.

Fort Wilderness Glass Pulverizer

fort wilderness glass recycling

Dr. Mark Penning, Vice President of Disney’s Animals, Science & Environment shared the news on Instagram, writing, “You could say this is BREAKING NEWS! That’s because we recently received an award for our glass-breaking efforts. The glass pulverizer pilot program at Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground has received the Environmental Initiatives Award at the SEAL 2023 Business Sustainability Awards.”

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“Through this innovative program,” Penning continued, “we’re taking recycled glass and turning it into fine sand and gravel mixtures that can be used in a variety of ways, like filling in holes on gravel roads and our horseback riding trails. The pulverizer processes glass in a way that removes any sharp edges, which makes it safe for both people and animals to walk on.”

“Whether you’re turning glass into sand or simply sorting your glass containers into a recycle bin, every simple action can help create a world in balance and make a happier, healthier planet possible for all.”

As part of the pilot program, Disney is collecting glass recycled at Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground and putting it into a bin connected to a glass pulverizer. The glass travels up a conveyor belt and then is crushed by several small hammers before being sorted through mesh screens for either big, gravel-sized pieces or smaller, sand-like material.

The glass pulverizer can process up to 2,000 pounds of glass per hour. The gravel and sand materials could eventually be used on roadbeds, golf course bunkers, filtration systems, sandbags, and drainage improvements throughout Walt Disney World Resort.

Watch a video of the pulverizer in action below.

Disney’s Environmental Goals

In 2020, The Walt Disney Company announced several environmental goals for the next decade. The goals are based on an assessment of where Disney’s operations have the most impact on the environment and the areas where it can most effectively mitigate that impact. The 2030 environmental goals include:

  • achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions for direct operations;
  • purchasing or producing 100% zero carbon electricity for all direct operations;
  • collaborating with industry groups and investing in low carbon fuel innovation;
  • investing in natural climate solutions;
  • implementing site-specific watershed stewardship strategies at high-impact sites;
  • serving 100% environmentally responsible seafood at U.S. parks and resorts;
  • working to achieve zero waste to landfill for Disney’s wholly owned and operated parks and resorts;
  • new construction projects to be designed to near net zero, minimize water consumption and support zero waste operations;
  • ensure all paper, wood and palm oil used in Disney-branded packaging and products is from certified sustainable sources;
  • ensure all branded product textiles contain recycled or certified sustainably sourced content, or are made from lower impact alternatives; and
  • reduce the Company’s plastics footprint across all businesses.

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