Awnings Added to Bake My Day in Minion Land at Universal Studios Florida

Shannen Ace

Awnings Added to Bake My Day in Minion Land at Universal Studios Florida

Universal has added pink striped awnings to the exterior of Bake My Day, one of the new venues of Minion Land at Universal Studios Florida.

Bake My Day Awnings

bake my day awnings 0962

The awnings match the pink color scheme of the bakery/gift shop, including the striped walls inside.

bake my day awnings 0964

They run around all three walls of the corner façade.

bake my day awnings 0965

The awnings also include a “Bake My Day” sign directly above the entrance doors.

bake my day awnings 0966

Bake My Day sells baked goods as well as treat-themed fluffy-unicorn and Minion merchandise.

bake my day awnings 0968

Also check out our full tour of Bake My Day.

Minion Land at Universal Studios Florida

minion land opens 9983

Minion Land takes over most of Production Central, transforming it into Illumination Avenue. Minion Café replaces the former Universal Studios’ Classic Monsters Cafe and is joined by Bake My Day, Freeze Ray Pops, and Pop-A-Nana.

Take a full tour of Minion Café and read our review of the full menu. Plus, read our review of Pop-A-Nana’s banana popcorn.

Check out all of the Bake My Day merchandise and treats.

The attractions are the pre-existing Despicable Me Minion Mayhem and the upcoming Villain-Con Minion Blast. The façade of Despicable Me Minion Mayhem was recently refurbished.

Minions and other Illumination characters have meet-and-greets outside Illumination Theater.

The back of the Transformers: The Ride show building has been painted teal blue to match the new land.

An entirely different Minion Land also exists at Universal Studios Beijing. Meanwhile, Minion Park is yet another separate land at Universal Studios Japan, with a clone under construction at Universal Studios Singapore. A version of Minion Café exists at Universal Studios Hollywood.

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