Disney100 1960s Decades Collection with ‘101 Dalmatians’ Loungefly & More Arrives at Walt Disney World

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Disney100 1960s Decades Collection with ‘101 Dalmatians’ Loungefly & More Arrives at Walt Disney World

New pieces for the Disney100 Decades Collection have arrived at Big Top Souvenirs in Magic Kingdom and on shopDisney. It’s time to get groovy with this 1960s set featuring classic characters and art styles from “101 Dalmatians,” “The Jungle Book,” and “The Sword in the Stone.”

disney100 decades 1960s 1

‘The Jungle Book’ Ear Headband – $39.99

disney100 decades 1960s 7

First up, we have a pair of Minnie Mouse Ears celebrating Disney’s “The Jungle Book.” These canvas ears feature printed images of Baloo and King Louie set behind felt palm tree leaves. A neutral-toned bow sits in the center.

disney100 decades 1960s 9
disney100 decades 1960s 8

The bananas hanging overhead on these ears are embroidered in bright yellow.

disney100 decades 1960s 10

The back of the ears have more felt fronds and two troublemakers: Shere Khan and Kaa, the oversized Indian Python with an appetite just as large.

disney100 decades 1960s 12

Kaa hangs from a tree in this image, as the Indian Python is an arboreal species. A navy blue background covers this headband.

disney100 decades 1960s 11

Shere Khan has embroidered tiger stripes in red.

disney100 decades 1960s 13

A Disney100 Decades branding plaque is attached to the side of the headband.

‘101 Dalmatians’ Loungefly Backpack – $88.00

disney100 decades 1960s 2

This Loungefly backpack features a scene from the end of “101 Dalmatians” with all of the pups gathered around Roger’s piano. The back of the backpack has a silver Disney 100 Decades patch near the top.

disney100 decades 1960s 3

The sides have pockets with the printed image continuing around.

disney100 decades 1960s 5

A gold zipper with standard pulls is included. This bag features two separate zippered sections.

disney100 decades 1960s 6

The interior lining has an illustration of paw prints and Dalmatian puppies in various states of coal-covered disarray.

disney100 decades 1960s 4

A picture of coal-covered puppies is also printed on the back.

Madam Mim and Merlin Stuffed Animal Set – $39.99

disney100 decades 1960s 15

A silvery organza bag printed with Disney 100 Decades holds two stuffed animals for this collection.

big top madam mim disney 100 1

Madam Mim as a dragon and Merlin as a mouse are included, from “The Sword in the Stone.”

big top madam mim disney 100 2

Madam Mim glares angrily with sage green eyes and flared red nostrils. She is covered in textured plush to create dragon scales and a soft belly. Her eyes and eyebrows are embroidered on.

big top madam mim disney 100 4

Her scales continue across her back. Felt spikes line her pointed tail and her wings are made of plush with embroidered details.

big top madam mim disney 100 3
big top madam mim disney 100 5

Her hair is purple and disheveled, of course.

big top madam mim disney 100 6

Merlin is a mouse covered in shades of pale blue plush with pink ears and a bright red nose. His eyes and glasses are embroidered on. He also has white fluffy whiskers to mimic the gentleman wizard’s beard.

big top madam mim disney 100 7

The items are sold together, but are not attached to one another.

‘Wonderful World of Color’ Pin – $34.99

disney100 decades 1960s 17

This Professor Ludwig Von Drake Pivot Pin features three spinning colored spotlights you can adjust to different positions.

disney100 decades 1960s 16

Overlapping them produces different colors for a lesson in color theory. This is a “pin-on-pin” enameled cloisonné design.

Finding the Disney100 1960s Decades Collection pretty righteous? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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