New Die Cast Ships Set, Batuu Pins, Empire Décor, and More Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Merchandise at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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New Die Cast Ships Set, Batuu Pins, Empire Décor, and More Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Merchandise at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

New Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge merchandise at Disney’s Hollywood Studios includes die cast ships, Batuu pins, Galactic Empire apparel, and more.

Star Wars Die Cast Ships Set – $39.99

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge merchandise

This set includes three ships that were previously available separately: the Millennium Falcon, a Resistance transport, and an X-Wing.

Galaxy's Edge merchandise

Batuu Shot Glass – $9.99

swge merch june 2023 5021

This shot glass or toothpick holder reads “Bright Suns” on one side and “Rising Moons” on the other side. Each decal features the skyline of Batuu with either the suns or moons rising above it.

Bright Suns Pin – $14.99

swge merch june 2023 5023

Speaking of bright suns, this pin relays the same message beneath an orange and yellow image of Batuu featuring droids and people. The Aurebesh lettering down the side reads “Batuu.”

Til the Spire Pin – $11.99

swge merch june 2023 5025

This circular pin features the Black Spire Outpost symbol and “Til the spires” across the top.

Stormtroopers Mug – $19.99

swge merch june 2023 5030

This stoneware mug is black with a red handle and a white rim. The interior is also black.

swge merch june 2023 5028

On one side is a squad of three Stormtroopers set against the Imperial logo in red and black. “Loyal to the Empire” is in white lettering.

swge merch june 2023 5027

On the other side is the Imperial logo in red and white. The mug is 454 mL.

“Join the Empire!” Print – $47

swge merch june 2023 5031

This print resembles a weathered Imperial propaganda poster. “Join the Empire!” is in white across the top. Three Stormtroopers and TIE Fighters are set against a red background.

swge merch june 2023 5033

Darth Vader Throw Blanket – $69.99

swge merch june 2023 5035

The throw blanket features Darth Vader with a troop of Stormtroopers behind him and the words “Enlist Today!” It is 70 in. x 54 in. or 178 cm x 137 cm.

“Enlist Today!” Magnet – $11.99

swge merch june 2023 5049

The magnet features the same Darth Vader design as the blanket.

Empire Tank Top – $39.99

swge merch june 2023 5037

This tank top is black with a red neckline. The two-toned red and white Imperial logo is on the left breast. White lines are on the bottom to the sides of the stomach.

swge merch june 2023 5038

“Loyal to the Empire” is on the back in red and white lettering.

Darth Vader & Kylo Ren Tee – $39.99

swge merch june 2023 5040

The shirt is mostly black, with red on the chest above a fake pocket. A patch in the corner features a red symbol. “Finish what they couldn’t” is in red and white lettering below the fake pocket. The First Order logo sticks out of the pocket. Kylo Ren is pictured with his red lightsaber in silhouette in front of Darth Vader on the left half of the shirt. The Empire logo is in red behind Vader’s head.

swge merch june 2023 5042

The back of the shirt is black, with rounded white lines, and “First Order” in white block lettering.

swge merch june 2023 5043

The Aurebesh lettering is supposed to read “Black Spire Outpost,” but “outpost” is misspelled as “ouitpost,” likely a simple typo as “i” is right between “o” and “u” on a standard keyboard.

Stormtroopers Paperweight Banner – $19.99

swge merch june 2023 5051

This small banner features the image of three Stormtroopers with the words “Loyal to the Empire.” It’s on a black cross post.

swge merch june 2023 5052

The base features a red and black version of the Imperial logo.

First Order Riot Control Stormtrooper Talking Action Figure – $34.99

swge merch june 2023 5054

This Stormtrooper action figure includes a riot shield, baton, and pistol blaster.

swge merch june 2023 5055

It has motion-activated lights and sounds, as well as button-activated phrases.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Magnet – $11.99

swge merch june 2023 5332

Finally, this metallic magnet features the iconic Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance scene where two AT-ATs tower over riders. “Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance” is across the bottom, set against the orange Resistance symbol.

Some of this Galactic Empire merchandise is also at Disneyland.

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