New ‘Disney Harmony in Color’ Parade Merchandise Coming in July to Tokyo Disneyland

If you’re big fans of the new “Disney Harmony in Color” parade at Tokyo Disneyland, you won’t want to miss the new parade-themed merchandise line hitting shelves July 10 at the park!

Figure Set – ¥2500 ($17.93) Each, ¥15000 ($107.59) for Set

DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 2
DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 3

Each of these six figures depicts floats from three units in the parade — Showing Strength, Family Bonds, and With Your Best Friends. Here we see Vanellope’s race car with Wreck-It Ralph as well as the Jack-Jack unit sans Elastigirl, Dash, or Violet.

DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 4
DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 5
DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 6

The other three figures represent the princess unit, properly titled Showing Strength.

Stationery Set – ¥2100 ($15.06)

DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 7

Postcard Set – ¥600 ($4.30)

DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 8
DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 9

Double A4 File Folder – ¥500 ($3.59)

DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 10

On the outside we see Mickey and Minnie in their parade costumes on the finale float.

DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 11

The many character petals seen on the finale float as well as some not in the original parade dot both the front and back sides.

DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 12

When unfolding, we see every single float in the parade as well as its logo at the center.

Can Badge Set – ¥1100 ($7.89)

DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 13

Three new can badges are part of this set — one featuring the parade logo, one with the costume silhouette, and one with Mickey and Minnie among the petals on the finale float.

Case with Carabiner – ¥1200 ($8.61)

DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 14
DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 15
DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 16

Keychain – ¥1800 ($12.91)

DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 17

Parade Mat – ¥800 ($5.74)

DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 18
DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 19
DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 20

Tote Bag – ¥6900 ($49.49)

DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 21

Silhouette and line art versions of Mickey and Minnie sit at the center, with the character petals surrounding them.

DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 22

The inner lining features the parade art.

DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 23
DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 24
DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 25

A small coin purse is also included with the tote bag.

Scrunchie – ¥1800 ($12.91)

DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 26

The many parade floats feature on the inside of the scrunchie.

DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 27

On the outside are sketches of the characters appearing in the parade.

DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 28

A small medallion with the “Disney Harmony in Color” wordmark is attached.

Drawstring Bag – ¥850 ($6.10)

DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 29
DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 30

Flash Cushion – ¥4600 ($33.00)

DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 31

This cushion features Flash the Sloth inside a donut, which is a part of the decor on the “Zootopia” float.

DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 32

Jack-Jack Plush – ¥4200 ($30.13)

DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 33

There’s also a plush version of Jack-Jack holding his can of milk.

Kevin & Kevin’s Babies Plush – ¥4600 ($33.00)

DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 34

Also coming soon is a plush of Kevin from “Up” along with her babies, who make their Disney Parks debut in “Disney Harmony in Color.”

“Disney Harmony in Color” Cushion – ¥3500 ($25.11)

DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 35

Again we see the art of Mickey and Minnie on the finale float with the character petals.

DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 36

The petals fill the back side along with the parade’s logo.

DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 37

Along the outer edge we see the parade floats.

Washcloth Set – ¥2000 ($14.35)

DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 38

Bath Towel – ¥3800 ($27.26)

DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 39

Mystery Pins – ¥1200 ($8.61) Each, ¥15600 ($111.90) for Set

DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 40

Each individual float gets a pin along with one of the characters represented on each unit.

Disney Resort Line Monorail Tomica Die-Cast – ¥4100 ($29.41)

DisneyHarmonyinColorMerchandiseTDL 41

This set of three cars mimics the Disney Resort Line monorail with a hypothetical “Disney Harmony in Color” wrapping.

Watch our video of “Disney Harmony in Color” above.

Each of these items will go on sale July 10 at Tokyo Disneyland in the Grand Emporium and on the Tokyo Disney Resort App.

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