PHOTOS: Baby Cotton-Top Tamarins Born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Shannen Ace

PHOTOS: Baby Cotton-Top Tamarins Born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

A pair of cotton-top tamarins were born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom on Sunday night and can now be seen on stage in their enclosure near Creature Comforts.

Baby Cotton-Top Tamarins

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Cotton-top tamarins are a type of monkey from South America. The two tamarins that are frequently seen at Disney’s Animal Kingdom just had these babies, and we saw dad carrying them around.

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The parents are taking turns carrying the babies. Cast Members have not been able to check the sex of the infants, yet.

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Cotton-top tamarins are classified as critically endangered, according to the IUCN Red List. This is only one step below being extinct in the wild. There are only approximately 2,000 mature individuals left. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Cast Members have been trying to find two tamarins who liked each other enough to have babies, and finally succeeded.

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Tamarins are only about one pound, but can leap 15 feet in the air from a stationary branch. In the wild, they are found in the tropical rainforests of northwestern Colombia.

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They’re arboreal, which means they live in treetops.

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Walt Disney World has had several successful animal births recently including Walter the red river hog at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and Penny the yellow-backed duiker calf.

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