PHOTOS: More Concrete Walls Added to Disney Vacation Club Tower at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Shannen Ace

PHOTOS: More Concrete Walls Added to Disney Vacation Club Tower at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Shannen Ace

PHOTOS: More Concrete Walls Added to Disney Vacation Club Tower at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

A new Disney Vacation Club tower is coming soon to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort and we’ve been checking on construction for the past several months.

Disney Vacation Club Tower Construction

polynesian construction 7302

Pipes and other construction materials are staged at the edge of the construction site, which is surrounded by scrims and fences.

polynesian construction 7308

Crews have erected short concrete walls on the foundation of another structure. In the background of this photo, a crane towers over the building and a lift is at the roof of the main structure.

polynesian construction 7310

As well as working on the new structure on the ground, crews have been adding more concrete to the pre-existing structure in the center of the site. The section on this end has grown a few stories since our last construction update, but is not yet as tall as the tallest section.

polynesian construction 7314

As we noted in our last construction updates, crews have been using blue tarps to cover some of the window openings on the sides of the main structure.

polynesian construction 7315

During this trip, we saw three windows covered with blue tarps on this side.

polynesian construction 7319

The tarps may mean interior construction is beginning, although the exterior has a long way to go.

polynesian construction 7320

More blue tarps are on the other side of the elevator shafts.

polynesian construction 7326

The main structure was connected to a second structure, creating one long curved tower.

polynesian construction 7508

From the Magic Kingdom boats, we saw that most of the windows facing the water are currently covered in blue tarps.

polynesian construction 7510

There’s also another crane on this side for lifting materials to the higher floors.

polynesian construction 7511

We didn’t see very many crew members, but they may be working inside.

polynesian construction 7512

The blue tarps can block sunlight and other natural elements from hitting the crew while they work.

polynesian construction 7513

A giant pile of dirt is visible to this side of the tower.

polynesian construction 7515 1
polynesian construction 7518
polynesian construction 7519

Below is concept art for the Disney Vacation Club tower, although designs are always subject to change.

polynesian dvc concept art

The tower will sit on the edge of Seven Seas Lagoon and have a pool of its own. Projected to open in late 2024, the proposed vacation ownership property would complement the existing resort and evoke the spirit of the Pacific Islands.

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

polynesian village resort lobby great ceremonial house stock featured 7131

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort has been around since Walt Disney World opened in 1971, and recently underwent an extensive refurbishment. While the standard rooms received “Moana” theming, the Disney Vacation Club Studios received “soft goods” refurbishments, meaning only the upholstery, art, and related accompaniments were updated.

The resort also received a new Monorail station and port-cochére. The entrance to the resort was re-themed to match the new structures. 

kona cafe61 scaled 1

Kona Café reopened after an extensive refurbishment, with all new seating, décor, and more. The Kiki Tikis Splash Play Area and Lava Pool slide were also recently refurbished. The rugs and most upholstery in the lobby of the Great Ceremonial House were replaced, too.

Interested in learning about more Disney Vacation Club accommodations at this resort? Check out our video tour of the Bora Bora Bungalows below.

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