PHOTOS: World Nature Bathrooms with Lenticular Tile Reopen After Year-Long Refurbishment at EPCOT

Spencer Lloyd

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PHOTOS: World Nature Bathrooms with Lenticular Tile Reopen After Year-Long Refurbishment at EPCOT

Spencer Lloyd

Updated on:

PHOTOS: World Nature Bathrooms with Lenticular Tile Reopen After Year-Long Refurbishment at EPCOT

The bathrooms in what we now know as World Nature have finally reopened after more than a year of refurbishment at EPCOT!

World Nature Bathrooms Return


Located between The Land and Imagination and butting up against the CommuniCore Hall construction site, these restrooms closed in April 2022 to accommodate their refurbishment, and were seemingly gutted for their full redo. The adjacent pathway toward World Showcase has also reopened.


The bathroom’s entrance features green accents on the sides of the signs, in theme with the area in which it sits. World Nature gets green, World Discovery gets red, World Celebration gets blue. A wavy pattern of various shades of green sits between the two restrooms. Women to the left, men to the right.


The hallways curve of course to offer privacy. A big mirror is on the wall to help guests check themselves before they venture back out into the park.


Inside, the restroom has been upgraded with more modern fixtures. We see the Dyson Airblade V commonly used in modern Walt Disney World restrooms mounted on the walls above the sinks. Each sink has an automated faucet, with soap dispensers mounted on the walls. Paper towels are also available, and for women there is a dispenser for feminine hygiene products.


Inside the restrooms are all tiled with green, the symbolic color of World Nature. While the design is somewhat plain, restrooms are more about function than form, and it still fits the look of modern EPCOT.

The tile in the center of the stripe inside is lenticular, along with the restrooms in World Discovery that were refurbished in September last year.

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Nearby Construction

epcot construction june 2023 9043

Most EPCOT construction is in the center of the park, where CommuniCore Hall and CommuniCore Plaza are under construction in World Celebration.


A new statue will also be installed in an area known as Dreamers Point, with Walt Disney resting on some steps and gazing upon the final idea he conceived and began developing before his passing. Dreamers Point will be directly behind Spaceship Earth.

epcot construction june 2023 9015

When World Celebration is complete, it will serve as the primary hub for the entire park, with new nighttime lights, exhibition spaces, music venues, and room for food kiosks intended to expand festival opportunities at EPCOT and promote an ethos of community.

epcot construction june 2023 9016

CommuniCore Hall will be a flexible indoor space including the new Mickey & Friends character meet-and-greet area.

epcot construction june 2023 9017

A new structure has been installed near CommuniCore Hall.

epcot construction june 2023 9019

The tall brown structure curves in three layers at the top.

epcot construction june 2023 9018
epcot construction june 2023 9044

We’ve seen more trees planted in World Celebration as work progresses. CommuniCore Hall and Journey of Water (part of World Nature) are both scheduled to open later this year.

epcot construction june 2023 9020

Aerial look at the 5-ring EPCOT logo taking shape in the center of World Celebration. The walls at center are longitude lines of the Earth in the logo.— bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct) June 12, 2023

Aerial photographer bioreconstruct shared an overhead look at construction on Twitter. The 5-ring EPCOT logo is coming together via sections of pavement and walls in the center of the World Celebration plaza.

EPCOT logo bioreconstruct
Image source: bioreconstruct
epcot construction june 2023 9045

L-shaped overhangs surround CommuniCore Plaza.

epcot construction june 2023 9022
epcot construction june 2023 9023
epcot construction june 2023 9046
epcot construction june 2023 9024
epcot construction june 2023 9047

Crew members were on the roof of an overhang, working on the wall of CommuniCore Hall.

epcot construction june 2023 9026
epcot construction june 2023 9048
epcot construction june 2023 9049
epcot construction june 2023 9050
epcot construction june 2023 9030
epcot construction june 2023 9031
epcot construction june 2023 9051 1
epcot construction june 2023 9052
epcot construction june 2023 9053

White columns frame one of the entrances to CommuniCore Hall.

epcot construction june 2023 9054

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