Father’s Day, Fantastic Four, Luca, and More New Limited Release Pins at Walt Disney World

Shannen Ace

Father’s Day, Fantastic Four, Luca, and More New Limited Release Pins at Walt Disney World

Several new limited release pins have arrived at Walt Disney World Resort this week, including the Father’s Day 2023 and Graduation Day 2023 pins, alongside the Fantastic Four from Marvel Comics, Luca, and more. We found these in Pin Traders at EPCOT and the Frontier Trading Post at Magic Kingdom.

Limited Release ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ Father’s Day Pin 2023 – $17.99

fathers day 2023 pin 0104

This year’s Father’s Day pin depicts a young Raya with her father, Chief Benja, embracing.

fathers day 2023 pin 0105

Limited Release Graduation Day 2023 Pin – $17.99

graduation 2023 pin 0109

The graduation pin for 2023 shows Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck throwing graduation caps in the air, along with a crowd of graduates in the background.

graduation 2023 pin 0107

The above two pins were in Pin Traders at EPCOT, near the entrance of the park and beneath Spaceship Earth.

Limited Release Fantastic Four Doctor Doom Pin – $17.99

wdw june 2023 pins 7727

The remainder of the pins from here below are at Frontier Trading Post at Magic Kingdom.

This new series of pins features the main characters of the Fantastic Four franchise, focusing on their comic book depictions. Doctor Doom is pictured here, set against a blue circular background, with “Fantastic Four” etched in the corner. A supervillain first conceived by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Doom is commonly the archenemy of the Fantastic Four.

Limited Release Fantastic Four Mr. Fantastic Pin – $17.99

wdw june 2023 pins 7731

This pin features team leader Reed Richards, also known as Mr. Fantastic. He can stretch his body to extreme lengths and unthinkable shapes.

Limited Release Fantastic Four Human Torch Pin – $17.99

wdw june 2023 pins 7735

Johnny Storm, more commonly known as the Human Torch, is all fired up on this pin. He can fly, absorb flames without feeling pain, control fire, and, as his name suggests, turn himself into one, too.

Limited Release Fantastic Four ‘The Thing’ Pin – $17.99

wdw june 2023 pins 7741

Lastly in this set, Ben Grimm, otherwise referred to as “The Thing,” features here, emphasizing his rocky physique and superhuman strength.

A pin featuring the Invisible Woman (Sue Storm) was not yet available.

Limited Release Animal Cracker Day Pin – $17.99

wdw june 2023 pins 7748

This pin for National Animal Crackers Day is a little late, as the little-known holiday is celebrated on April 18. It features a classic animal cracker box, with crackers resembling different Disney characters: Pongo, Simba, Dumbo, Bambi, and Baloo, respectively.

Limited Release Luca Summer Pin – $17.99

wdw june 2023 pins 7753

Luca is featured in his human form on this pin celebrating summer. He’s got a Donald-inspired plush duck under one arm and a cone with four scoops of ice cream in his other hand. “Summer” is spelled out on the ice cream scoops and the ocean is in the background.

Limited Edition Disney Darlings ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Pin – $19.99

wdw june 2023 pins 7756

Finally, this limited edition pin is part of the Disney Darlings series. It features a cutesy version of Aurora in her pink princess dress and gold crown. The background is her bed with purple drapery.

Which new pin is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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