REVIEW: NEW Piña Colada Slushy at Energy Bytes Snack Stand in Magic Kingdom

The Energy Bytes snack stand outside of TRON Lightcycle / Run has added a new Piña Colada Slushy to its menu. We took a taste today. Let’s dive in.

Piña Colada Slushy – $5.99

Topped with Chipotle Pineapple, Matcha, and Popping Candies.

energy bytes slushy 1

The same day this snack stand removed two of their menu items, they also added a new slushy drink for us to try, and just in time for the beginning of summertime in Florida.

energy bytes slushy 8

The newest item on the menu is a Piña Colada Slushy topped with Chipotle Pineapple, Matcha, and Popping Candies.

energy bytes slushy 7

It is offered alongside the Watermelon Slushy, which we reviewed previously here.

energy bytes slushy 6

The Strawberry Ice0form and Chocolate Cake Doughnut Holes are also still available at this location.

energy bytes slushy 2

For the new Piña Colada Slushy, despite having a pretty common recipe for its inspiration, this is one of the more unique slushies we’ve had on property. At first sip, the slushy does taste like a typical piña colada, which is nice.

energy bytes slushy 3

We thought it had the perfect amount of sweetness.

Then we tasted the chipotle with pineapple, and the popping candies, and that’s when things got weird. The spice added a nice unexpected layer of flavor, but with the popping candies also crackling away, alongside the spicy chipotle, it felt like a bit of a sensory overload.

energy bytes slushy 4

We think if they kept the popping candies out and just had the chipotle with the pineapple, this would be a great drink.

The matcha is not really necessary, either. We couldn’t really taste it because of the chipotle. When we mixed up the slushy a little bit, we were able to capture that matcha aftertaste, though we were really searching for the flavor in this drink.

energy bytes slushy 5

The fresh pineapple is alright. It does add a nice texture difference and brings some freshness to the drink.

Overall, we think this drink is strange but overall, better than the watermelon slushy Energy Bytes has offered since they opened. It’s worth trying once just to experience the weirdness of it.

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Will you be stopping by Energy Bytes in Tomorrowland to try this new Piña Colada Slushy? We’d like to see your opinions about it in the comments below.

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