RUMOR: ‘Stranger Things’ to Return to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort

Katie Francis

RUMOR: ‘Stranger Things’ to Return to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort

Katie Francis

RUMOR: ‘Stranger Things’ to Return to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort

The hit Netflix series “Stranger Things” is set to return to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort, according to insider reports.

The house is likely to be themed after season four, which aired in 2022. Season five, the final season, does not have a release date yet.

“Stranger Things” season four follows the group as they are separated; with Joyce, Will, Jonathan, and El in California; Hopper in Russia; and the rest of the gang in Hawkins. It introduced several new characters, including fan-favorite Eddie Munson, and villain Vecna.

“Stranger Things” at Halloween Horror Nights

HHN28 Stranger Things 3

The property is no stranger to the event, having previous haunted houses in 2018 and 2019. The first iteration, at Halloween Horror Nights 28, was based solely on the first season of the show. Guests traveled through the story in tandem with the characters.

HHN28 Stranger Things 2

It won House of the Year in 2018. There was also a photo op at Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort to let guests sit on the Byer’s couch beneath the iconic lights.

HHN28 Stranger Things 4

The Demogorgon was given most of the big scares, including the scene above at Hawkins Middle School. The wall with the Cubs logo would be lit from behind intermittently, revealing a cut-out where it appeared the Demogorgan figure was bursting through.

Tribute Store Stranger Things

A room of the Tribute Store was dedicated to “Stranger Things,” complete with the snow-like spores of the Upside Down floating through the air.

HHN29 Stranger Things 2

At Halloween Horror Nights 29, “Stranger Things” returned with a house based on seasons two and three.

HHN29 Stranger Things 3

The Demogorgon returned, but the main focus was on the Mindflayer and the Demodogs. The first half of the house followed season 2, and took guests through from the Palace arcade, where Will first sees the Mindflayer in the storm, through Bob Newby’s death.

HHN29 Stranger Things 1

The second half followed the kids and Flayed Billy Hargrove, culminating in the Battle of Starcourt.

HHN 32

Halloween Horror Nights is an annual hard-ticket event held each fall at Universal Orlando Resort. It takes place on select nights between September and October (and sometimes November). This year’s event will be held from September 1 through October 31.

Admission is separate from regular theme park admission. You do not need theme park admission to attend Halloween Horror Nights, but if you have a day ticket, it allows you to stay in the park to wait rather than exit and re-enter when the event opens. Tickets are currently available.

the last of us haunted house announcement

Halloween Horror Nights 32 will feature 10 haunted houses, 5 scare zones, and an unconfirmed amount of live entertainment. “The Last of Us” is only the second confirmed house, with “Chucky” having been announced last year. A fan-made speculation map of the rumored lineup also includes “Demon Slayer,” “The Exorcist,” and Universal Classic Monsters houses, but these haven’t been confirmed.

Guests can purchase Express Passes to skip the regular queue. RIP Tours offers a guided experience, with private and non-private options available.

hhn32 see you in the fog merch group shot

The event’s tagline for 2023 is “See You in the Fog,” after a common saying between veteran HHN attendees. The park is filled with copious amounts of fog each night of the event.

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