Tokyo Disneyland Reveals Name for Baymax-Themed Summer Splash Cavalcade

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Tokyo Disneyland Reveals Name for Baymax-Themed Summer Splash Cavalcade

Tokyo Disneyland is gearing up for another toasty and humid summer by reviving a classic pastime of the park — a splashy summer seasonal event. Today, the resort revealed the name of its special summer event featuring Baymax, which will get guests drenched through the summer heat!

Baymax-Themed Summer Splash Cavalcade at Tokyo Disneyland

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From July 4 to September 6, guests at Tokyo Disneyland can experience “Baymax’s Mission Cooldown,” a short two-float cavalcade rolling down the parade route three times daily. In the summertime splash event, guests in certain areas of the park can expect to be soaked to the bone by water sprayed from the float, as Baymax works to keep everyone cool and happy. He’s been entrusted with the mission of raising guests’ energy levels while they suffer from the heat. So, he’s searching for areas in need of care while spraying a cool mist. When he detects an area where guests’ “energy levels” have dropped significantly, the float will stop and plumes of water will explode onto guests.


Guests within the highlighted yellow area, that’s within the hub itself, will be able to get soaked with this new Baymax show.

If a splashy show isn’t enough for you, guests can also try out a variety of wacky water spray spots around Toontown, as well as enjoy the return of Splash Mountain Get Wet MAX, also from July 4 to September 6. Over at Tokyo DisneySea, a special harbor greeting featuring Duffy & Friends will circle Mediterranean Harbor twice daily, and a new line of Duffy merchandise will be released. As well, guests can enjoy the return of the wet course on Aquatopia for the first time since 2019.

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