VIDEO: Aquatopia Breakdown Shows One of the Most Interesting Ride Evacuations at Any Disney Theme Park

After some sort of malfunction, Aquatopia was recently evacuated at Tokyo DisneySea, forcing the water ride to be drained as Cast Members evacuated guests. Sounds fairly standard for a theme park to clear guests out of a broken ride, but nothing is ordinary about this attraction’s evacuation procedures. With waterproof boots, step-stools, and even umbrellas, any guest escorted off of Aquatopia due to technical difficulties will remember the experience.

Aquatopia Evacuation

Aquatopia is a trackless water ride in the Port Discovery area of Tokyo DisneySea. An opening day attraction, it was actually the first-ever trackless experience designed by Walt Disney Imagineering, but Pooh’s Hunny Hunt in Tokyo Disneyland borrowed the technology from the ride already in development and opened a year earlier. Computers guide the direction of each vehicle independently.

aquatopia 2
Source: Tokyo Disney Resort

Guests board “hovercrafts” that seem to swiftly glide and twirl above the water, though this is an illusion created by the lack of track and wheels beneath the waterline that are not easily visible. A strong current is also generated to simulate depth, as there are actually only a few inches of water.

If the ride suddenly stops, guests end up stranded at random spots due to the lack of track, without a straightforward way to return vehicles to the station. We managed to witness firsthand the procedures that are set in motion when this happens.

In this first video, we can see the water receding so guests can safely disembark and exit the attraction. Even this simple step is a massive undertaking, considering how large the area is. Aquatopia is divided into two sections, but even if only one side is having some sort of problem, both sides must be drained.

Once Cast Members receive the all-clear that conditions are safe enough to walk out onto the exposed ride platform, they descend a staircase in waterproof boots designed for slippery surfaces. Each Cast Member also brings along pairs of boots for the guests to use.

Once the boots are distributed, Guests are escorted off of their boats via step-stools. Umbrellas are also offered to provide shade during the entire process.

A Cast Member then guides passengers to the exit while announcement are made on the PA system.

Source: Tokyo Disney Resort

Have you ever been on Aquatopia, or on any attraction that needed to be evacuated? Let us know in the comments.

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