Iconic BeaverTails Pastries Returning to EPCOT for 2023 International Food & Wine Festival

Justin Giglio

Iconic BeaverTails Pastries Returning to EPCOT for 2023 International Food & Wine Festival

BeaverTails are an iconic Canadian pastry once sold long ago at the Canada Pavilion in EPCOT. After being missing from the park for over 15 years, they have quietly returned to the menu for the 2023 EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival!

BeaverTails Returning to EPCOT

beavertails feat

While they will be served at the Refreshment Port just outside of the Canada Pavilion instead of Canada itself, BeaverTails are back.


On the festival page of the Walt Disney World website, Disney discreetly added BeaverTails under the Refreshment Port menu without much fanfare, though the excitement is likely to grow as word spreads. While BeaverTails can be served with many different toppings, the one available at this year’s festival will be a “Cinnamon-Sugar Beaver Tail.”

We previously spotted BeaverTails at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions expo in 2015:

Ever since the first BeaverTails stand opened at Byward Market in Ottawa — Canada’s capital city — over four decades ago, hungry customers have been enamored.


Are you excited to finally try a BeaverTail once again at EPCOT? Let us know in the comments.

2023 EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival

eat to the beat food and wine festival

The 2023 EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival runs from July 27 through November 18. In addition to the Eat to the Beat Concert Series, there are a number of other events, marketplaces and opportunities to purchase food and beverages from themed booths.

food and wine merch 1

Merchandise for the event was also just revealed today. The Muppets are also joining in on the fun, offering a new “Brew-Wing Lab” tasting experience hosted by Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker.

2023 EPCOT International Food Wine Festival Muppets Brew Wing Lab

That’s right – Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and his faithful assistant, Beaker, of Muppet Labs will welcome you to their taste-testing headquarters, where the inventive duo are busy creating scientific snacks and mind-blowing beverages. You’ll have a chance to sample some of their kooky concoctions like the Unnecessarily Spicy, Yet Extremely Tasty Scotch Bonnet Pepper-Curry Wings, or the Pickle Milkshake. Consider it a flavor experiment in the name of science!

Full menus have just been released for the Global Marketplaces, too. See a full list of Marketplaces below:

  • Shimmering Sips hosted by CORKCICLE
  • Ireland
  • Canada
  • France
  • Greece
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Japan
  • Flavors of America
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • The Alps
  • Kenya
  • India
  • China
  • Mexico
  • Australia
  • Hawaii
  • The Noodle Exchange
  • Brew-Wing at the Odyssey
  • Flavors from Fire
  • The Fry Basket
  • Coastal Eats
  • Char & Chop
  • Wine & Wedge
  • Bubbles & Brine
  • Swirled Showcase

Special festival dishes and drinks will also be available at permanent EPCOT dining locations, including: Connections Café, Connections Eatery, Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company, Refreshment Port, Tangierine Café: Flavors of the Medina, Funnel Cake, and Refreshment Outpost.

Are you excited to try these new offerings? Let us know in the comments.

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