PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tour the Casa de Coco Restaurant, Now Open at Disneyland Paris

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PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tour the Casa de Coco Restaurant, Now Open at Disneyland Paris

Jonathan D

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PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tour the Casa de Coco Restaurant, Now Open at Disneyland Paris

Casa de Coco — Restaurante de Familia is now open in the Frontierland area of Disneyland Paris, replacing Fuente del Oro. DLP Report recently took an in-depth look at the changes and updates.

Casa de Coco Restaurant Opens

Since welcoming guests in the late morning of July 29, several new murals, flooring, and tons of references to “Coco” abound in this freshly-reopened venue that now celebrates the Rivera family.

casa de coco 18

A new life-size bronze statue of Miguel now stands outside the restaurant’s entrance. Recent Instagram video showed some of the overnight installation process.

casa de coco 2

The official Disneyland Paris website offers this description of Casa de Coco:

Miguel proudly welcomes you to this unique casa where you can enjoy traditional Mexican dishes to the sound of familiar tunes, including the unforgettable “Remember Me.” From Héctor Rivera’s guitar to the many tools used to make traditional shoes, Miguel’s family heritage is showcased everywhere in the restaurant and is sure to make you un poco loco!

casa de coco 3

Papel picado, a form of paper art in Mexico, is in full use here. At the beginning of “Coco,” papel picados tell the story of Miguel’s family, and at Casa de Coco, nearly 200 papel picados were created by Walt Disney Imagineers, drawing inspiration from Mexican folklore, music, and floral designs.

casa de coco 5

The new glass ceiling is cleverly designed to be hidden by pieces of wood, staying true to the aesthetic while also providing new protection from the rain and other adverse weather.

casa de coco 19

These entrance doors now help manage the flow of traffic, with signs partitioning mobile order areas from walk-up ones.

casa de coco 6

Alebrijes are also now featured in wall art — they are spirit guides to the Land of the Dead. A massive sign also reads “Rivera — Familia de Zapateros.” This pays homage to the proud shoe-making heritage of Miguel’s family.

casa de coco 7

Miguel’s spirit guide, Dante, stretches from one end of the order and pick-up counter to the other. The circular tiling work for the floor has also been redone.

casa de coco 10

The former stations for making fajitas are still here in a way, though covered in curtains and now decorated with props inspired by the film.

casa de coco 9
casa de coco 11

This is all part of the Sala (or living room) de Familia, where portraits of beloved family members are front and center, both honoring them and ensuring their stories live on. Traditional woven fabrics, shoemaker’s tools, and shoe boxes featuring the family brand showcase the craftsmanship and expertise of the Riveras inherited from Mamá Imelda and the generations that followed.

casa de coco 12
casa de coco 13
casa de coco 17

The “Sala de Música” portion of Casa de Coco focuses on musical instruments, especially guitars.

casa de coco 16
casa de coco 15

Héctor’s guitar takes a place of pride, and toward the back of the room, you can also read notes from pages of his diary. To translate these unique elements from screen to reality, Pixar shared their original references with Imagineers.

casa de coco 4

There’s plenty of artistry to discover across the venue, including this depiction of Dante soaring in the sky. DLP Report also took video of the two themed indoor sections:

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The new menu for Casa de Coco can be viewed here. Kept extremely simple, this venue will primarily be offering burritos with chicken, beef, or vegan-friendly options. Sides include Doritos (which, while not Mexican, were actually first created at Disneyland in California), fries, and salad. Nutella churros are also being advertised as the featured dessert item.

What do you think of this refreshed design? Would you eat here? Let us know in the comments.

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