Dates and Houses Announced for Halloween Horror Nights 2023 at Universal Studios Japan

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Dates and Houses Announced for Halloween Horror Nights 2023 at Universal Studios Japan

Shannen Ace

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Dates and Houses Announced for Halloween Horror Nights 2023 at Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan has announced details about Halloween Horror Nights 2023, which will run from September 8 through November 5.

Halloween Horror Nights 2023

usj Halloween Horror Nights 2023

The park is enveloped in terror at night as more zombies than ever before appear for “STREET ZOMBIES” this year in “Halloween Horror Nights” and an all-new “ZOMBIE de DANCE” is back featuring a collaboration with the popular singer Ado. Dance along with zombies to a powerful beat in this super exciting experience only possible at Universal Studios Japan. For the first time in the history of USJ horror mazes, one will utilize 3D glasses. In “CHUCKY’S CARNIVAL OF CHAOS,” Chucky leaps out at you in this all-new R-15 (restricted to those over 15 years of age) rated attraction.

Be chased through the darkness by Sadako in the hair-raising “SADAKO’S CURSE: DARK HORROR RIDE” attraction, and truly experience the horror of Biohazard in the newly upgraded “BIOHAZARD: THE EXTREME +”.

Halloween Horror Nights is included in regular day admission to Universal Studios Japan.


usj halloween horror night 2023

Get surrounded and captured indiscriminately! There are more zombies than ever, and you’re the prey.

As more zombies than ever before appear wherever you look, you’ll start to lose your mind and scream! People are falling prey everywhere you look—right beside you, in front of you, inside cages where they’re held captive—and you just might be next!

Plus, you’ll hear unsettling groans, zombies slaughtering each other, and the roaring of chainsaws.

Screams you’d never have imagined will echo throughout the area in this year’s unique, all-out horror event! Jump into a zombie hell of unprecedented horror!

Parkwide, 18:00 to park close


usj halloween horror night 2023 zombie de dance

The ultimate new dance has along with a song created in collaboration with Ado! Dance at a wild party surrounded by zombies!

The wild and bizarre dance party thrown by the ruler of darkness, Hamikuma, is about to begin!

When the destructive beat created in collaboration with Ado starts to drop, the strange area where zombies attack is transformed into an exciting party.

As screams fill the air, you’ll find yourself dancing together with the zombies!

Everyone dance, go wild, and experience the excitement of moving together as one!

Parkwide, 18:00 to park close


usj halloween horror night 2023 chuckys carnival of chaos

Check out the new, scary, and grotesque horror! (Ages 15 or over) Chucky goes on a rampage at this crazy carnival you won’t soon forget… IF you survive!

Chucky’s finally here in this brand-new production restricted to Guests ages 15 or over! Welcome to the crazy carnival hosted by Chucky. Take one step inside and find yourself in a shocking hellscape. With your 3D glasses on, you’ll enter a surreal environment, see a kaleidoscope of colors and disorientation. You won’t be able to help but scream when Chucky comes at you from every corner!

Stage 18, 10:00 to park close


usj halloween horror night 2023 sadakos curse

In pitch darkness, escape Sadako’s curse. A new, horrific ride of bloodcurdling screams is here.

To escape from this laboratory, which has been plagued by Sadako’s curse, you hop on an equipment transport lift. Deprived of your sense of sight, you must run through pitch darkness in desperate fear of the unknown. You run and run, but everywhere you turn, the sight of Sadako will make you scream! Can you escape from this cursed hell unscathed?

Space Fantasy The Ride, park open to park close, September 25, 2023 – January 8, 2024


usj halloween horror night 2023 biohazard

Join your friends to stand off against creatures for an adrenaline rush like no other! Try to return from a desperate scourge unscathed!

The survival horror maze in which Guests experience the terror of Biohazard™ in real life has been upgraded.

You’ve taken refuge at the Raccoon City Police Station, where you’ll stand off against zombies and creatures. Different threats await along two different paths, one of which you’ll have to take to return to survive the horror!

With a story that changes depending on the actions you take, and a display showing your Clear Rank, you’ll find yourself completely immersed in the world of Biohazard™ for an exhilarating escapade!

Feel the hair-raising thrill as you and your comrades face off against Tyrants and Lickers that appear before your eyes, and experience the unparalleled sense of tension and exhilaration of taking on the creatures!

Palace Theater, 10:00 to park close

You must have a Universal Express Pass or Numbered Ticket to participate in this attraction.


usj halloween horror night 2023 monsters

Your heart will race in overdrive as Universal Monsters appear before your eyes! Screams of agony echo in this maze that boasts the number one satisfaction rate* at Halloween Horror Nights in the U.S.

This legendary maze, which earned the highest satisfaction rate* at Universal Orlando Resort’s Halloween Horror Nights, descends upon Universal Studios Japan. Relying only on your friends, you must flee from Universal Monsters that assail you in the darkness of the cemetery. Step into the marvelous worlds of the Wolf Man, Frankenstein, and Dracula and experience a series of unparalleled desperate crises and fierce ambushes. Can you survive this hell?

*Based on company survey of Halloween Horror Nights experiences at Universal Orlando Resort in 2019.

Stage 22, 10:00 to park close

You must have a Universal Express Pass or Numbered Ticket to participate in this attraction.

Ado × Hollywood Dream – The Ride

usj ado hollywood dream the ride

Songs by singer “Ado” appear on Hollywood Dream the Ride!

For a limited time only, songs by singer “Ado” will be featured on the popular thrill ride attractions “Hollywood Dream the Ride” & “Hollywood Dream the Ride – Backdrop”, where you can enjoy the exhilarating feeling of synchronizing with your favorite music! Details will be announced at a later date.

About Ado

Born on October 24, 2002, Ado is a 20-year-old singer. She made her major debut in 2020 with “Usseewa” and became a social phenomenon. Her first album “Kyogen” released in January 2022 has been a big hit. In the movie “ONE PIECE FILM RED,” she sang 7 songs, and her CD album “Uta no Uta ONE PIECE FILM RED” is also a long hit sweeping the rankings. She got Billboard JAPAN Hot 100 artist ranking No. 1 for the year. From June 2023, she is holding her first national hall and arena tour “Mars,” which will be the largest scale tour ever she held.

Universal Studios Japan will also host a new Halloween party featuring Pokémon characters from September 7 through November 5.

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