Director Krennic Leader and More Star Wars: Unlimited Cards Revealed

Shannen Ace

Director Krennic Leader and More Star Wars: Unlimited Cards Revealed

Several Star Wars: Unlimited cards were revealed this week, along with some new art for the game. The Star Wars: Unlimited quickstart rules were released last month and the game is targeting a 2024 release, with three additional decks coming per year.

Star Wars: Unlimited Cards

Star Wars: Unlimited revealed the Director Krennic card on Twitter earlier this month.

star wars unlimited krennic 1.38.01 PM

The “Rogue One” villain is a leader card. With Krennic, each friendly damaged unit gets +1 power. If you control 5 or more resources, you can deploy Krennic by flipping over his card.

star wars unlimited krennic 1.38.18 PM

With Krennic’s epic action, when his unit attacks, you can heal 2 damage from your base.

star wars unlimited dagobah swamp arena

Dagobah Swamp and Catacombs of Cadera, ground arenas, were revealed during a Star Wars: Unlimited livestream, along with a Cell Block Guard card.

star wars unlimited jedha arena
star wars unlimited cell block guard

The Cell Block Guard has the Sentinel aspect: Units in this arena can’t attack your non-Sentinel units or your base.

star wars unlimited open fire card

Another new card featuring Stormtroopers is Open Fire, which deals 4 damage to a unit.

star wars unlimited rebel pathfinder card

Rebel Pathfinder has the Saboteur aspect: When this unit attacks, ignore Sentinel and defeat the defender’s Shields.

star wars unlimited arc 170 card

The Restored ARC-170 (Aggressive ReConnaissance-170 starfighter) allows you to heal 1 damage from your base when its unit attacks. The starfighter most prominently appeared in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”

star wars unlimited repair card

Various YouTube channels were the first to exclusively reveal new cards this month. Maindeck shared the Repair card, which heals 3 damage from a unit or base. It features art of Luke’s robotic arm being set up.

star wars unlimited auzituck liberator gunship card

The Jodo Cast revealed the Auzituck Liberator Gunship card. The Auzituck was a type of Wookiee gunship that first appeared in the premiere of “Star Wars Rebels” and has since appeared in several comics and books. It has the Ambush aspect: After you play this unit, it may ready and attack an enemy unit.

Unplayable revealed the Surprise Strike card with the following video.

star wars unlimited surprise strike card

The card features art of Cassian Andor shooting Director Krennic. It lets you attack with a unit and get +3 power.

Star Wars: Unlimited Art

A new piece of artwork revealed by Star Wars: Unlimited features a Stormtrooper propaganda poster.

This piece features Benthic a.k.a. “Two Tubes,” who appeared in “Rogue One” alongside Bodhi Rook.

And another new piece is inspired by the Empire’s attack on Hoth in “The Empire Strikes Back.”

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