Disneyland Railroad Train Engine Popcorn Bucket Coming Soon for Disney100

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Disney100 train popcorn bucket

Disneyland Railroad Train Engine Popcorn Bucket Coming Soon for Disney100

Beginning on July 26, a Disney100 train popcorn bucket will be available for a limited time at select popcorn carts around Disneyland Park.

Disney100 Train Popcorn Bucket

In a recent Instagram Reel, @disneyeats offered a first look at the popcorn bucket which will be available for a limited time.

Disney100 train popcorn bucket

This preview showed off several fun features of the popcorn bucket, including a functioning light on the front!

Disney100 train popcorn bucket

We also got a look at the train’s moving wheels and another section that seemingly doubles as a faux pipe.

Disney100 train popcorn bucket

Mickey Mouse is featured peeking his head out of one of the windows of the train car. The top portion of the train car opens to reveal the popcorn holder itself.

The lanyard attached to the popcorn bucket reads “Disneyland Railroad” and features railroad-themed imagery including tracks and, of course, a train!

The Disneyland Railroad

e.p. ripley Disneyland railroad 1

Back in March, one of the original Disneyland Resort steam engines, the E.P. Ripley, returned to service on the Disneyland Railroad, following a five-year restoration project. The engine is named after Edward Payson Ripley. Ripley was one of the original founders of the Atchison and Topeka Railroad (later the Santa Fe Railroad) which was established in 1859. Walt Disney, himself, rode the E.P. Ripley during the opening of Disneyland.

In May, another opening day steam engine, C.K Holliday, returned to service. The name C.K Holliday comes from Cyrus Kurtz Holliday, who is the founder of many railways, including the Santa Fe Railway. The Santa Fe Railway was the official sponsor of the Disneyland Railroad from 1955 to 1974. On July 15, 1955 — Disneyland’s opening day — the C.K Holliday officially went into service.

The locomotive was built by WED Enterprises in Burbank, California, from a design inspired by Walt Disney’s model train engine, the Lilly Belle. The Lilly Belle was the centerpiece of his backyard railroad, the Carolwood Pacific. 

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the Disneyland Railroad reopened just one month after Disneyland Resort’s initial reopening.

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