BREAKING: Universal Studios Hollywood Officially Announces Fast & Furious Roller Coaster

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BREAKING: Universal Studios Hollywood Officially Announces Fast & Furious Roller Coaster

Universal Studios Hollywood has officially announced their new Fast & Furious roller coaster, which is under construction.

New Coaster Coming to Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood shared the news on Twitter today. The coaster “will be equipped with a state-of-the-art ride system uniquely created to engulf guests within the dynamic Fast & Furious universe.”

The coaster has been rumored for Universal Studios Hollywood for over a year. Reportedly, the coaster was being planned before COVID-19 caused theme parks to shut down and projects to be delayed.

fast and furious hollywood drift concept art 3

Concept art leaked for the Fast & Furious ride and was shared by According to that report, the working title of the coaster is Fast & Furious Hollywood Drift. It would be in the Upper Lot, descend towards the Lower Lot, and then come back up.

fast and furious hollywood drift concept art 2

After concerns about sound from neighboring property owners, Universal Studios Hollywood was testing roller coaster audio in the area in April.

It’s not clear if Fast & Furious: Supercharged will stay at Universal Studios Hollywood with the opening of the new coaster.

Fast & Furious: Supercharged

fast and furious supercharged napa sponsor 8189

Fast & Furious: Supercharged is an attraction featured on The World-Famous Studio Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood. Its official description reads:

Ride along with the all-star cast from the hit movies on an exhilarating high-speed chase that exceeds 120 miles per hour and catapults you into the high-stakes underworld of fast cars and international crime cartels.

You’ll be engulfed in a world of cutting-edge, hyper-realistic special effects, including 3D-HD imagery projected onto the world’s most expansive 360-degree screens!

The more infamous version of Supercharged is in the San Francisco area of Universal Studios Florida. It replaced Disaster! It opened in the spring of 2018 and Universal announced soon after that it would be an attraction at the upcoming Universal Studios Beijing, too.

fast and furious supercharged universal studios hollywood

The ride’s description from Universal Studios Florida reads:

Join the crew for an immersive Fast & Furious experience. Step into an amazing re-creation of the crew’s headquarters filled with actual movie props and supercharged vehicles you’ve only seen on the big screen. Ride along with Dom, Letty, Hobbs and Roman on a street chase in the middle of the high-octane world of the Fast & Furious blockbuster films.

Two pre-shows and a themed queue were added to the Universal Studios Florida version to pad it out, but it still received overall negative reviews.

Following the negative feedback, the Universal Studios Beijing version of the ride was canceled.

In 2022, a Universal senior executive even acknowledged under oath that Fast & Furious: Supercharged isn’t good.

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