New Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort Apparel Celebrates DOLE Whip, Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto, and More

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New Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort Apparel Celebrates DOLE Whip, Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto, and More

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is an original Walt Disney World favorite, and guests now have more options to represent this iconic place with new apparel celebrating Polynesian Village and Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto.

All of these items were found at BouTiki, located on the hotel lobby’s first floor.

Polynesian Village Straw Hat – $34.99

poly merch 5

This straw hat features the resort logo at the front and provides shade on those mercilessly hot and bright Florida summer days.

poly merch 6
poly merch 7

The underbrim is adorned with a floral tiki pattern, along with the word “aloha” strewn about.

poly merch 8

Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto White Shirt – $34.99

poly merch

This is the first of a few different shirt options related to Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto, a tropical tiki bar located within the resort.

poly merch 2

The shirt is plain white with black lining on the collar and the edges of the sleeves.

poly merch 4

The front is simple, with the tiki bar logo being the only design.

poly merch 3

The back is more detailed, with artwork depicting some of the drinks from the bar in tropical style glassware and tiki mugs, along with the logo and address for Trader Sam’s.

‘Aloha’ Polynesian Village Shirt – $34.99

poly merch 13

This shirt highlights a similar pattern that was featured on the underbrim of the straw hat.

poly merch 14

“Aloha” is prominently displayed throughout, while flowers, tikis, and buildings reminiscent of architectural designs at Polynesian Village itself complete the pattern.

‘Paradise Waits for You!’ Shirt – $34.99

poly merch 16

Mickey & Minnie celebrate on the beach in this green shirt, with the motto: “Paradise Waits for You!”

poly merch 17

The pair stand on a tropical beach underneath the sun, as Mickey serenades Minnie with an ʻukulele.

Mickey & Minnie Polynesian Village Youth Shirt – $26.99

poly merch 15

This blue youth shirt is similar in style to the previous one, with Mickey and Minnie celebrating once again at the Polynesian Village Resort. Here, though, they trade in the beach for a trip to get some pineapple Dole whips.

poly merch 31

Polynesian Village Beach Towel – $30

poly merch 28

While not necessarily apparel, this elaborate beach towel showcases the resort logo amid a brown background, and will likely be helpful on a hot day at the beach when paired with the straw hat.

Polynesian Village Dole Whip Shirt – $29.99

poly merch 29

This bright blue shirt also features the resort logo, along with a massive Dole whip surrounded by flowers and palm trees.

poly merch 30

Guests would probably be ecstatic if every tropical treat came in this size.

Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto Tropical Shirt – $34.99

poly merch 18

Finally, this Trader Sam’s shirt is an alternative option to the other two, with a tropical pattern of leaves and flowers mixed in with tiki drinks.

poly merch 19

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

polynesian village resort lobby great ceremonial house stock featured 7131

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort has been around since Walt Disney World opened in 1971, and recently underwent an extensive refurbishment. While the standard rooms received “Moana” theming, the Disney Vacation Club Studios received “soft goods” refurbishments, meaning only the upholstery, art, and related accompaniments were updated.

The resort also received a new Monorail station and port-cochére, as the entrance to the resort was re-themed to match these new structures. 

kona cafe61 scaled 1

Kona Café reopened after an extensive refurbishment, with all new seating, décor, and more. The Kiki Tikis Splash Play Area and Lava Pool slide were also recently refurbished. The rugs and most upholstery in the lobby of the Great Ceremonial House were replaced, too.

polynesian dvc construction 1751 1

Construction on the new Vacation Club Tower is ongoing, with balcony towers recently installed, though the interior is still empty.

Interested in learning about more Disney Vacation Club accommodations at this resort? Check out our video tour of the Bora Bora Bungalows below.

Curious about any of these new Polynesian apparel offerings? Let us know in the comments.

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