PHOTOS: More Jungle of Doom and Vamp ’69 Scare Zone Theming Installed for Halloween Horror Nights 32 at Universal Studios Florida

Shannen Ace

PHOTOS: More Jungle of Doom and Vamp ’69 Scare Zone Theming Installed for Halloween Horror Nights 32 at Universal Studios Florida

Shannen Ace

PHOTOS: More Jungle of Doom and Vamp ’69 Scare Zone Theming Installed for Halloween Horror Nights 32 at Universal Studios Florida

More trusses, details, and decorations have been installed throughout Universal Studios Florida for Halloween Horror Nights 32 scare zones. The full lineup of houses and scare zones was confirmed on Friday.

Vamp ’69: Summer of Blood

In the New York section of the park will be Vamp ’69: Summer of Blood. Our first glimpse of this scare zone was with music fest decorations on a stage. Here’s the description of the scare zone:

At a 60s music fest in a small New York town, you’ll jam to popular bands with fellow concert-goers until Dr. Oddfellow unleashes vicious vampires on the audience. They’re out for your blood.

scare zone construction 7353

A little further down the street from the music fest stage are structures covered in green tarps.

scare zone construction 7354

The structures remind us of food booths during other Universal Studios Florida events.

scare zone construction 7356

The first A-frame signs identifying this work as Halloween Horror Nights construction are up in front of these booths.

scare zone construction 7359

One is in front of the arcade, and another is in front of Finnegan’s Bar & Grill.

scare zone construction 7364

Through gaps in the tarps, we can see bright colors similar to the decorations on the stage.

scare zone construction 7362

Speaking of the stage, lights have been added to the scaffolding across from it.

music fest scare zone 7004

Vamp ’69 builds on previous scare zone themes. “Vamp ’55” was previously featured in the Hollywood section at Halloween Horror Nights 26 and “Vamp ’85” was in the New York section at Halloween Horror Nights 28.

The Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store will also be in the New York area, instead of Hollywood where the last two Tribute Stores have been this year.

World Expo

scare zone construction 7369

Over near MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack, trusses have been erected between the ride’s gift shop and Coca-Cola Refresh.

scare zone construction 7370

The archway is at a walkway leading to a backstage area.

scare zone construction 7379

This area is typically used for entrances/exits from houses.

Jungle of Doom: Expedition Horror

In Central Park will be the Jungle of Doom: Expedition Horror scare zone. Here is what Universal says about it:

In the 1920s, Dr. Oddfellow ventured deep into the darkest jungle, performing horrific experiments on nature. Now his monstrous creations are running amok and are coming after you.

scare zone construction 7391

Faux stone walls covered in vines, lichen, and moss now frame the Central Park exit near Animal Actors on Location!

scare zone construction 7393

Similar walls were already installed around trusses inside the scare zone. These are up against the columns at the end of the Central Park area and appear broken off on the edges.

scare zone construction 7394

The walls look like the ruins of a jungle temple.

scare zone construction 7396

Dark Zodiac

The Hollywood section is set to hold the Dark Zodiac scare zone.

Dr. Oddfellow has entered a dark dimension to harness the power of the Zodiac and live forever. He twists the signs into malevolent beings who foretell your doom. As his star rises, yours falls.

scare zone construction 7451

In the Hollywood section, upside-down L-shaped trusses are at either end of the street.

scare zone construction 7453

The base of the truss outside of the Hollywood Brown Derby now has themed paneling.

scare zone construction 7455
scare zone construction 7472

The paneling depicts layers of overlapping rusted metal rings.

scare zone construction 7457
scare zone construction 7471
scare zone construction 7458
scare zone construction 7470

Halloween Horror Nights 32 at Universal Studios Florida takes place on select nights from September 1 through November 4, 2023. Read more Halloween Horror Nights news:

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