REVIEW: Madame Leota Crisped Rice Treat with M&M’s Celebrates Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom

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REVIEW: Madame Leota Crisped Rice Treat with M&M’s Celebrates Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom

With the release of the new “Haunted Mansion” movie a week away, Walt Disney World is ramping up their spiritual sensations. Among the offerings is a new Madame Leota crisped rice cereal treat. The snack has materialized in the Main Street Confectionery at Magic Kingdom.

Madame Leota Crisped Rice Cereal Treat with M&M’s – $6.49

madame leota rice crispy 0075

You can never go wrong with a Walt Disney World rice crispy treat. In the hot sun, the crispy remains soft but still holds together well for the perfect snack when walking around the park.

madame leota rice crispy 0066

The milk chocolate around the treat is rich and holds to the crispy rice for less mess.

madame leota rice crispy 0067
madame leota rice crispy 0072

The M&M’s on the back are a fun colorful addition to what would otherwise be a very dull-looking treat. Madame Leota is a sugary printed image and doesn’t stand out against the chocolate coating.

madame leota rice crispy 0078

Altogether, this is a yummy treat but definitely designed more for photos than your typical Disney rice crispy.

madame leota rice crispy 0082

A 20% Annual Passholder discount is available on the Madame Leota crisped rice cereal treat, which makes it $5.53 with tax.

Check out the new Haunted Mansion merchandise at Walt Disney World:

New ‘Haunted Mansion’ Movie

The upcoming “Haunted Mansion” movie follows a doctor (Rosario Dawson) and her 9-year-old son (Chase Dillon), who move into a haunted house in New Orleans. Dawson’s character ends up getting help from a priest (Owen Wilson), a scientist-turned-failed-paranormal expert (LaKeith Stanfield), a French Quarter psychic (Tiffany Haddish), and a historian (Danny DeVito).

The ghosts that will appear include Madame Leota (Jamie Lee Curtis) and the Hatbox Ghost (Jared Leto). Winona Ryder, Dan Levy, and Hasan Minhaj make cameos, as seen in the latest trailer.

“Haunted Mansion” is directed by Justin Simien from a screenplay by Katie Dippold. It’s produced by Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich. It will be in theaters on July 28.

To advertise the film, Doom Buggy rickshaws are available at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend. Zillow shared a behind-the-scenes look at the various movie sets in a fictional “listing” for the haunted abode.

“Haunted Mansion” is the second attempt to adapt the ride into a film, following the poorly received 2003 “The Haunted Mansion” directed by Rob Minkoff and starring Eddie Murphy.

The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Resort

The first version of The Haunted Mansion opened in 1969 at Disneyland as part of the New Orleans Square expansion. Two years later, it was an opening day attraction in Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom, and in 1983, it was an opening day attraction at Tokyo Disneyland.

The Disneyland Paris version of Haunted Mansion is named Phantom Manor and has its own backstory, but is still similar to the original versions. At Hong Kong Disneyland, Mystic Manor is a completely different attraction that draws some inspiration from the original, but avoids references to the afterlife out of respect toward traditional Chinese cultural precedent.

The Hatbox Ghost inside The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Resort

The famous Hatbox Ghost was in the original Disneyland Haunted Mansion on opening day. Technology had not quite caught up to the ghost’s vanishing and appearing head, however, so the effect only lasted a few weeks before disappearing for nearly 50 years.

The Hatbox Ghost returned to the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland with his working effect in 2015. He appears at the end of the attic scene, after the Bride. The Hatbox Ghost will soon be installed in the Magic Kingdom version of the Haunted Mansion, too.

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