Walt Disney World Cast Member Claims Child ‘Flipped Him Off’ and Parent Assaulted Them at Single Rider Line Entrance

According to an arrest report, a family was involved in an altercation at Disney’s Hollywood Studios where a Disney Cast Member said a child “flipped” him off, and the child’s father forcefully jabbed his name tag with his finger.

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The father, Damian Ciocan, 50, of Argentina, was arrested for battery, although the state attorney’s office later dropped the criminal charges.

Through his attorney, Ciocan denied that he got physical and said he was not the one who started the problems.

“The allegations in the arrest affidavit are inaccurate and based solely on one erroneous account of the story. I was not the instigator; in fact, the other party was, and there was no fight or altercations aside from an exchange of words,” he said in a statement.

The Cast Member, who gave a sworn statement to authorities, reported a “large family causing issues” and not following Disney’s rules when they walked up the single rider line.

When the Cast Member intervened, he said the family “began yelling and became irate.” That’s when one child raised his middle finger at him, and Ciocan demanded to know the cast member’s full name and then prodded him in the name tag, according to the arrest report.

The Cast Member asked the family to leave the ride. The report did not say which ride the incident occurred on. Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster are the only rides with single rider lines at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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The Cast Member told the sheriff’s office that Ciocan “walked away but quickly walked back and approached [the Cast Member] from behind, grabbing his right shoulder.”

The Cast Member said  [Ciocan] “put pressure on his right shoulder and shook him, before smacking him multiple times on his left shoulder. [The Cast Member] told [Ciocan] not to touch him and that the family needed to leave. [The Cast Member] advised [Ciocan], then swung his left hand towards [The Cast Member] and missed by approximately two inches.”

Disney Security arrived shortly after.

Another Disney worker said the family was “rowdy” and “causing a disturbance.” He said Ciocan wasn’t listening to the Cast Member’s instructions and tried to ride with his family. The other worker said he saw Ciocan get in the Cast Member’s face but was unable to see if Ciocan touched the name tag because of the direction Ciocan was facing.

Meanwhile, Ciocan denied touching the Cast Member when he spoke with law enforcement.

“Damian stated he was walking down the FastPass lane with his family when he was approached by a Cast Member. Damian advised he had a FastPass and was unsure why he could not ride the ride with his family. Damian advised the Cast Member was acting rude and stated he believed the Cast Member hit his child,” the arrest report said. “Because Damian believed the Cast Member hit his child, he became upset and advised he placed his hands on the Cast Member’s shoulder, to which was described to me as tapping.”

The report added, “Damian later stated he was 90% sure the Cast Member touched his son, but could not advise if the Cast Member did it in a way where he stuck his arm out to prevent his son from entering the ride or in another manner.”

The sheriff’s office believed Ciocan intentionally touched the Cast Member and took him to Orange County Jail.

Disney also trespassed Ciocan after the February 2 incident. The sheriff’s office took months to release the public document following a public records request.

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