REVIEW: Black Velvet Whoopie Pie Ushers in Halloween at Magic Kingdom

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REVIEW: Black Velvet Whoopie Pie Ushers in Halloween at Magic Kingdom

It’s officially Halloween season at the Magic Kingdom, and to celebrate, Liberty Square Market is serving an eerie twist on a classic treat: the Black Velvet Whoopie Pie.

Black velvet whoopie pie 7

Liberty Square Market is located in (you guessed it) Liberty Square, next to The Hall of Presidents.

Liberty Square Market Halloween Menu

Black velvet whoopie pie 1
  • 🆕 Black Velvet Whoopie Pie – $5.79

*NEW* Black Velvet Whoopie Pie- $5.79

Black velvet cookie with buttercream and sprinkles topped with a sugar spider

Black velvet whoopie pie 5

The black velvet cakes — or, cookies, as they’re being advertised — are surprisingly moist, especially considering that this treat is being served at a Magic Kingdom counter service location.

Black velvet whoopie pie 2

Advertised as “black velvet,” the cakes are the same as red velvet, just with different food coloring. There’s a light cocoa essence with a tart finish.

Black velvet whoopie pie 4

The sweetness of the multi-colored buttercream piped between the two cakes effectively balances the treat. The sprinkle-filled cream is cold and generally rounds out the dessert.

Black velvet whoopie pie 6 1

The pie reminded us of a Hostess snack cake, though this is of a slightly higher quality. It’s a tasty treat that earns a thumbs up thanks largely to the cakes’ density.

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